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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
I need a vacation. 
28th-Jul-2008 11:09 am
Lewis Black - horse
I hope everyone's had a good week! I got back last night from Comic Con, where I shared a hotel room with the lovely aelora and family. Comic Con really should have been held in late May, when I was going through an insomniac phase, as I'm currently in a "sleep all the time" phase and spent most of the weekend wanting to curl up under a table and nap. It was still fun, though. I think I prefer the warmer, closer feeling of regional cons, though, and I'm actually fired up to go to Diversicon this weekend, especially since it's being held on the West Bank, a 10-minute drive from my house. (If I can afford the $40 entrance fee...)

At Comic Con, I got to talk to Rod Roddenberry, got things signed by the guy who draws XKCD and the guys who draw Penny Arcade, bought a bunch of birthday and Christmas presents for fellow geeks, bought Gris Grimly Christmas cards for myself, got free stuff for Kingdom of Loathing, saw Wil Wheaton (who is actually rather hot in person. SHUT UP), watched an advance screening of Tropic Thunder which is miraculously funny, and...did a lot of other things that aren't coming immediately to mind because I'm still a zombie despite getting 7 hours of sleep last night.

And, since my flist is Heroes-centric: I did get to see the premiere episode at the Heroes panel - I actually wound up being in line right next to piping_hot , and also met icalynn , which was cool. I'm...cautiously optimistic. I'm not happy with Mohinder's story line, but Sylar staggered me with creepy insane awesomeness, and the other plots at least have potential. I think my biggest issue at the moment is that the events of the first ep seem to take place right after the events of the S2 finale, and unless there's been a hell of a lot of time-traveling or teleporting going on, the timelines just don't seem to work right. I'm not talking alternate futures, I'm talking "how did Character X manage to get from one side of the country to the other, in the time it took the paramedics to get the wounded Nathan to the hospital?" So I'm definitely willing to give the show another chance, but I'm still nervous about the huge cans of WTF?!? that they opened up in the season premiere. I actually wrote up almost 4 pages of snarky spoileriffic opinion on the action that I'll try to post later on today, if anyone's interested or would just like to find out what the plot is.

And now, I need to go do some work, since I've been out of the office since the 22nd...

(edited because I can't remember user names to save my life...)
28th-Jul-2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to avoid spoilers, so I haven't read any summaries of the Heroes premiere (TWO MORE MONTHS ARGHAK:DKFJOI;EWFN). But from the general reactions I've seen on my f-list, that pretty much seems to be most people's feeling about 3x01: definitely promising, but not so mind-blowing that it makes up for season 2 all by itself. Which is okay by me. Unless it was an unexpected random musical episode or something, one ep alone isn't going to fix the fail season 2 left behind. As long as things are generally looking up and it it seems like it could shape up to have some strong, interesting character arcs, I'll feel better about being cautiously optimistic for season 3.

Glad you had fun at Comic Con! Even if it made you a zombie. ;)
28th-Jul-2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
I was actually dragging my feet somewhat about the Heroes panel, because I was afraid I would see the episode, think it SUCKED, and completely stop caring about the show. So the mere fact that I (mostly) didn't want to throw things at the screen, left me feeling happy!

I keep thinking that episode 5 is the magic number. In season 1, that was the ep where we got "Save The Cheerleader, Save The World" and the plot threads finally began to have a purpose and come together. In season 2, that was the ep where something broke inside me and I started hating. So hopefully, 5 episodes will be enough to see if I think they've really come up with an interesting plot AND have believable character development rather than regression/beating them with a stupid stick.

I actually kinda feel sorry for Dania Ramirez at this point. Has she been made a regular? I had the impression she has been, but they didn't call her out as anything special during the intros and people didn't really get loud for her, whereas Jeph Loeb said loudly, "And our newest regular cast member, Cristine Rose!", and the audience went nuts. And also, when the characters appeared on-screen for the first time in the episode, they usually got varying degrees of cheers. However, when Maya appeared for the first time, I don't think a single person in the 6000-seat audience clapped (and I asked 5 other people if they had that impression, and they all agreed with me).
28th-Jul-2008 05:54 pm (UTC)
Uggh, that sucks poor Dania. That's sad because I'm pretty excited for her role in the upcoming Villains arc.
28th-Jul-2008 05:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the writers/directors have to share the blame for the Maya-dislike, but she's the only one who had to come out on stage. I need to just keep my mouth shut right now because the other things I want to say about her (and Mohinder) wind up being spoilery, so I need to keep them out of here. But I do feel bad for Dania, as a person. At least her character didn't get booed. But if the actors were watching backstage, they had to have noticed that there was absolutely no cheering/clapping till another actor entered the scene.
28th-Jul-2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
You can tell me, I already know the thing. I want to know if I was spot on on about the forced who know what because the writers are hopeless when it comes to that thing. I hope I am not being too vague.
Good thing they never showed that intimate moment from the promo then, if the reaction was that negative from just having Maya onscreen.

Edited at 2008-07-28 06:50 pm (UTC)
28th-Jul-2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
If it left you feeling happy overall rather than disappointed, that's at least a step up. Like you said, hopefully things will shape up within the first few episodes, hit their stride, and reach that balance of interesting plot and compelling, believable character development that it really, really desperately needs to find again. (Which is why I'm so confused by what bare little I've heard about Mohinder's storyline. Unless they're going to twist it around into something very unexpected, it seems like exactly the sort of thing they should have ditched if they were learning from the mistakes of season 2.)

I REALLY hope they'll lay off the stupid stick this season. If a character needs to lose 50 IQ points for a plot point to work, then it's a bad plot point to begin with.

Poor Dania. She seems like a lovely lady, and it's a shame she's stuck playing such a massively unpopular character (who's only going to get more unpopular, judging from that itty bitty little clip in the promo trailer a few weeks ago). Hopefully Maya will get a second chance to grow as a character and become proactive, interesting, or at least COMPETENT instead of weepy and victimised. :/
28th-Jul-2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
Lol, I'm Ae's friend that was at a few of the panels and TDK with... It was piping_hot that stood in line with you when we got separated at the Heroes panel. *nods* Lol, good times!
28th-Jul-2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
LOLOL!!! I meant to ask ae before I left, because I was afraid I would get the user names confused! *shakes head at self*

I need to just be a dork and keep notes about the people I meet. It's quite funny because the last conference I went to, I talked about one presenter and used her name, and she Googled herself and saw the post, and emailed me to correct a couple of things I'd mis-remembered! Next con, I'm going to take pictures of everyone I meet and label them with their info... XD
28th-Jul-2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Lol! No worries! I remember my first con experience and I couldn't keep up with all the new names and ljs!

I only had to remember the one, so it was pretty amazing I remembered it after no sleep! *g*
28th-Jul-2008 05:53 pm (UTC)
I read the spoilers and I think I need to see the second hr before I can judge, but I am actually excited about season three whereas I was bleh about season two from the get go. I am cautiously optimistic as well, I'm pretty sure I will enjoy season three but I don't know if it will be as good as season one. Better than season two yes, season one, that remains to be seen.
And I agree with barhaven, one ep can't make up for how lacking season two was, five is the magic number and really, we need the second part of premiere to clear things up which I think it will. Mohinder's story line has the potential to be awesome or at least interesting, I have some theories but I won't touch them until 3 eps have aired but he clearly got the worst story line out of the bunch.
Oops, I'll comment on this when you post your thoughts on the first stuff. Sorry about the potential spoilers anyone.

Edited at 2008-07-28 07:50 pm (UTC)
28th-Jul-2008 05:54 pm (UTC)
I can already tell that trying to remain spoiler free this summer is going to be a chore :-) I'm half tempted to just read the damn things but the truth is I don't want to frack with my expectations and get too high or two down about them. Half the people on my f-list seem really excited for Volume III to start while the other half don't even want to watch the show anymore.

I'm a bit nervous about your statement that you don't like Mohinder's storyline but I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic. As much as I had issues with Volume II there was still stuff that I liked...I'm wondering if part of the reason for feeling of jarring continuity screw ups is because we lost the original second half of season two?

I realize that no matter what I'm still excited for Volume III to start so I'm trying to remain positive and unjaded :-) And some of the promos I've seen have worked for me (with one or two issues here and there).

But spoiler links and peoples spoilery recaps from Comic Con are very inviting...
28th-Jul-2008 06:10 pm (UTC)
Heh. I kind of felt like I shouldn't post my review, since I know that the more spoiler links appear in my flist, the more tempted I am to read them. But at the same time, I wrote it now, and it was written just a few hours after I saw the episode, so it's definitely a first gut reaction, so I'd kind of like to make it public. And I giggled to myself a lot while I wrote it (though that might have just been lack of sleep), so hopefully other people will be entertained as well. It wound up being like a TWoP review: snarky, but not snarky just for the sake of being nasty. If that makes sense.

With the Mohinder storyline...thinking about some comments Sendhil's made, there's potential for it to turn into a very interesting moral dilemma and provide character growth. And it appears that what he's involved with will wind up driving some other story lines, so admittedly there is already some interconnectedness. But it just felt so clumsily set up and rushed. It was like, they needed the character to be in a certain place by the end of the episode, so they just threw some lines together to get him there. There was at least one thing Mohinder said that made me think, "I would NEVER have expected him to feel that way inside". It was not exactly OOC behavior, but his actions and his stated motivations often did not ring entirely true for me. So my uneasiness is coming as much from the way the story line's being presented, as it is from the story line itself.
28th-Jul-2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
Oh no! :-O

I'm trying to be spoiler-free, too (because the Maya promos made me cry), but hearing this reaction about Mohinder's storyline from someone whose opinions about the show I value and almost always agree with is very upsetting. And it seems that these things can't even be compensated for, as David Anders appears to be MIA. Boo.

I feel exactly the same way about Dania. I just feel bad for her at this point. The fans hate the character, and the media outlets have no interest in her. And I really don't think this storyline is going to help. I had hope that maybe the writers would put Maya with Elle, but no. At this point, Dania would be better off doing something else that will make her popular.

I'm glad you thought the episode has its moments of hopefulness and that Sylar is awesome, though. I agree with you about the magic number 5, thing, too (reminds me of a painting). Hiros remains one of my favorite episodes (after Parasite). And Fight or Flight remains one of the worst---one of the very few I ever fast-forwarded through.

Here's to hoping... and to waiting. Thankfully I have the Olympics to distract myself for awhile. :)

Glad you had fun!
28th-Jul-2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
At this point, Dania would be better off doing something else that will make her popular.

I actually had that same thought: she doesn't want to become known as the actress who played that annoying character who TPTB kept shoving down our throats even though we didn't like her.

Sylar was totally back in S1 form. I want him to evolve beyond that, but after disliking him most of S2, it was just so refreshing to see him back. His personality reminded me of the way he was when he killed Isaac: calm and cruel and subtly snarky, and I couldn't help bouncing up and down with excitement while watching him. (And it didn't hurt that his appearance was completely totally unexpected - I expected to see him in the ep, but I never in a million years would have thought he'd appear when and where he did.) And as for the others: Hiro/Ando are hilarious again, I'm kind of WTF?!? with the Petrelli family stuff but it's ANGELA MOTHERFRAKKING PETRELLI, Claire made me hopeful that she might actually be mature and think about something besides her whiny cheerleader crap... So yeah, I'm definitely more optimistic about the show than I was before. And although I'm not happy with the initial presentation of Mo, I'm willing to grit my teeth and hope it comes to a decent and swift conclusion.

Also, we ended with a Moyawnder voiceover, so hopefully the rumors of its demise were not true. Oh! And I almost forgot the third most awesome moment of the episode, behind the awesomeness of Sylar's appearance and a moment that I cannot tell you about at all: when Mr Muggles first appeared on screen, half the audience went, "Ooooo...Mr. Muggles! Mr. Muggles!" It was GREAT.

(...though in retrospect, this means that Mr. Muggles got more love from the audience than Maya did. Poor Dania...)
28th-Jul-2008 07:18 pm (UTC)
Oh god, now I'm smiling SO MUCH that you're saying Hiro and Ando are back in form, because they were definitely among my most favorite things about season one, and one of the reasons I fell in love with the show. God, that feels so long ago (their couple of scenes in season two did not count at all). They are silly and goofy and I get why some people find them annoying, but I just can't. Ando's reactions to Hiro were what really grounded the show in reality for me, and I loved it. Really, I'm grinning.

I, too, wish I could read your review, which I'm sure will be brilliant. I'll try to remember to come back and read it after the episode airs.
28th-Jul-2008 07:29 pm (UTC)
You have no idea how badly I want to tell you Hiro's storyline, because when you get to see the dialogue, you're going to be unable to stop giggling... :0)

I'll probably link back to my initial review later on. That's one reason why I want to post it now: I want to be able to compare my opinion after the second viewing, especially if they tweak things.
28th-Jul-2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
But it just felt so clumsily set up and rushed. It was like, they needed the character to be in a certain place by the end of the episode, so they just threw some lines together to get him there. There was at least one thing Mohinder said that made me think, "I would NEVER have expected him to feel that way inside". It was not exactly OOC behavior, but his actions and his stated motivations often did not ring entirely true for me. So my uneasiness is coming as much from the way the story line's being presented, as it is from the story line itself.

I hate having to fanwank stuff but it sounds like I might have to just to make sense of some things...I can see your concern for Mohinder's storyline. Without accidentally tripping into spoilers could the oddness of his character's words/feelings be related to the the show doing without the second part of season two? Like if they'd actually stuck with the original storyline maybe Mohinder's character would have gone in such a direction that what you've now seen would have made more sense? Does that make sense? Oh my god I'm already making excuses :-)

I'm sure your review will be brilliantly snarky. Alas I will have to avoid it which bums me out.
28th-Jul-2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
could the oddness of his character's words/feelings be related to the the show doing without the second part of season two?

IIRC, they said that the S2 DVDs would have a couple of "lost" episodes that they completed before the writers' strike but have now obviously jettisoned. (Though now that I think about it, they said that in conjunction with the announcement that there would be a Blu-Ray boxed set of both seasons - I hope that's not an extra that's only available on the Blu-Ray discs...) I would actually like to see the lost eps, because I've heard several rumors about stuff that was supposed to happen in the rest of S2, and a couple of the plotlines were very similar to the hints I'd heard.

It could be that they're adapting part of the lost plots of S2, and clumsy attempts to suitably modify those are what made Mohinder feel off. And maybe now that they've gotten the setup taken care of, his future actions will feel more in-character. But I'm still left feeling like I don't entirely believe Mohinder's stated motivation for what he did. And even if one did get me to accept it, I don't understand why he did what he did, in the place that he did it. And I'm afraid the writers' answer to that would be "because it was kewl to have the action happen in that place!", which pisses me off. (And this is a separate issue from my dread of an impending Mohinder/Maya romance, which is what makes me really grumpy.)

Am I totally confusing and annoying now? ;0)
28th-Jul-2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
Am I totally confusing and annoying now? ;0)

Yes. j/k :-)

I don't want to think about a Mohinder/Maya romance (that was one scene I saw in a promo that ruffled my feathers) because it's so unnecessary and such a disservice to 1) a character I really dig and 2) a character I want to like but keeps getting written as some pathetically dependant being. How hard is it to write Maya a good storyline where she's not all needy with a male character? Damn it, I want her to get her powers under control and then go rogue like some vigilante (uh sorry, that's actually one part of a storyline I'm writing for her).

Now you've got me thinking "what the hell does Mohinder do?".

**tells self will not read spoilers over and over again**

Then again I remind myself that the writers have a habit of putting Mohinder in situations and having him do things that I'm not always clear about (which is why the character seems to get crapped on by so many viewers). I'm not saying that makes this all okay, but I'm used to rolling my eyes about it so maybe after the first couple of new episodes it will actually settle into something that works. Mohinder is such a great character to explore and I don't want to see that fucked up.
28th-Jul-2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
I hear ya, the Mohinder hate that is resurfacing is pretty strong so they had better show him dealing with the consequences. See, I love that he screws things up, and I love the parallels between his motivations and Sylar's which I hope the writers capitalize on this season. And nothing I said has to do with spoilers, I am avoiding spoilers like the plague now that I read that stuff for the first part.
28th-Jul-2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
Oh I'm with you. I love that Mohinder is imperfect. He tries to do the right thing but makes mistakes and has to suffer the consequences. But he keeps trying. My issue was when the writers made certain things so unclear that the knee-jerk reaction was "Mohinder is stupid"...because he's not. The idea of paralleling his motivations and Sylar's absolutely fascinates me and I'd love to see that play out(particularly see them as more interconnected than they might realize).

It's tough when everyone hates Mohinder. He's my favourite character -- he has layers...but I need to see him struggle with decisions he's made even if he can justify certain actions. I get paranoid about sticking him in a romance for the sake of...I don't know, the writers not knowing what to do with Maya (and even there there are tons of possibilities...why is romance the go to?). One of the things I love about Mohinder and appreciate the writers doing is incorporating him in the bigger storylines. He's connected to so many of the characters and plays a part in their lives as much as they do in his. A part of me wonders if that's why the writers are suggesting pairing him with Maya...as a way of bringing her to all the other characters. I hope not. I'd rather see her incorporated in a different way.
28th-Jul-2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
I'm not saying that makes this all okay, but I'm used to rolling my eyes about it so maybe after the first couple of new episodes it will actually settle into something that works.

I think this is really what's at the root of my unhappiness with Mohinder in this first ep. Mo's done things that gave me a knee jerk reaction of, "YOU IDIOT!!!" - for instance, in S2, telling Bob about his and HRG's plan to infiltrate the Company. However, after I thought about it, I realized that even if I still felt that it was a dumb idea, I could see the chain of logic that made Mohinder decide to do it, and it was an in-character reaction for him to have: he was trying to do the best he could in a changing/dangerous/stressful situation, and he was trying for an outcome that would help the greatest amount of people.

I haven't been able to reach that point about Mo in the S3 premiere, as it currently stands, though. I still felt like his decisions came out of nowhere, and I'm not sure I believe they're in-character. Yes, he's shaken and worried and wants to keep people safe (and possibly, still, to get revenge on the psycho who's probably going to show up again). But I still don't buy his actions. And his course of action veers so much in the short time he's on screen, that it's going to add to the Mohinder-haters' accusations that he's wishy-washy and can't make or stick to a decision. Blech. I'm just going to shut up now.
28th-Jul-2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
I think I'm getting a better idea of why you're frustrated. You and I had similar reactions to some of Mohinder's actions in S2 so I think I have a grasp on what your concerns are seeing the first episode of S3. I feel like we need to hunker down for the Mohinder hate that will explode forth. I'll probably just have to avoid certain sites as of September. I'm with you on still needing to be able to sense a motivation for why something is done and if it feels...unreal...forced...at odds with the character then it makes it difficult to still believe in the character.

My hopeful thinking is that the first ep is simply setting up some things and that from there it will settle.

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts!
29th-Jul-2008 03:13 pm (UTC)
Wah. I wish I could say more, but wah.

I'm kind of sad because I really enjoyed TWoP. It always made my day, but I remember I had to stop reading the recaps because Bravo starting rushing the recappers to post their pieces so quickly that I don't think Erin had a chance to process Mohinder's actions, so she kept calling him stupid. Then half the threads erupted into Mohinder hate. So I have a feeling only the Hoyay thread will be safe... but with the new alliances and pairings I have hearad rumored, I have a feeling his day in there might be over and I'll have to give up the site completely.

As for the storyline itself (I still don't really know), hopefully whatever romance will fizzle out quickly and we can set up for some Mylar or Madam or Moheter interactions (I think I have to give up my Mohelle shipping... double wah). I don't know. Now I'm feeling despondent, despite what would appear to be delicious parallels between Sylar and Mohinder. But what's the point of parallels is everyone hates Mo and is going to prefer to see Sylar hanging out with "smarter" "cooler" characters?

Trying to stave off the negative thoughts and failing miserably...
29th-Jul-2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Oh aurilly, don't do this to me! Try not to let a negative possibility get you down...because if you're down then I'm down. Considering I've already moved away a bit from the TWoP forums it's actually not that big a deal for me to not participate there as much. And the Mohinder hate from last season made me want to wash my hands of the whole board posting thing anyway.

With regards to romance...well considering that Dania referred to the new season as "twisted" and Sendhil said it was "deeply dark" I'm doubtful of the romance being anything more than over with relatively fast (wishful thinking on my part?). I have no clue what alliances or partnerships are being planned but something I like about Mohinder is seeing him in situations that make me go "oh my god...what the hell?" and seeing how he comes through it. If there's any Mohinder/Adam and/or Mohinder/Peter interactions I'll actually be quite happy.

With regards to Mohinder/Sylar I remind myself that the writers (along with the actors) have acknowledged this connection between the two (for good or bad). Certain actions, specific lines have been written and acted out that would suggest these two will cross paths again. It could be interesting to see them almost switching places. I'm keeping in mind that this is only Volume 3 so things could switch up again with Volume 4 etc...

Considering Sylar had a pretty crappy storyline last season and there were quite a few people who wanted him off their screens it's a huge step up to think he could be in a much better one this season. As long as Mohinder's storyline isn't stagnant I think I can handle him on some sort of fracked up spiral. Honestly the idea of paralleling Sylar and Mohinder really works for me on so many levels and I can survive questioning him if it means we get some richness of story.

LOL if we all give up TWoP I least I know I can still find you all on lj
29th-Jul-2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
Aw! Ok. You definitely will still find me here, especially if the one thread that gave me so much joy stops being fun. Actually, that's part of what led me over here anyway. I remember just as the Mohinder hate started brewing, squerb started linked to her squeecaps, and they were so full of Mohinder love that I was like, "Yea! And all the people I like the most post here, too!" It was such a happy relief.

It wasn’t even just the boards, though. I also had to stop reading the mainstream media articles, because they were just as full of Mohinder hate. And I stopped talking to my friends about it. I know my favorite character is sort of unpopular (and David Anders is MIA), so I live in constant fear that he’ll be killed off. Characters like Sylar and Hiro and HRG are "cool" enough to survive bad arcs. Nonpowered, non-badass characters like Mohinder have a harder time. But you're right. I keep telling myself that this is going to be a nice long season, and a lot of the things we're worked up about now might be over with by episode five. If Villains is as much like season one as they would like us to believe, then that has to be true.

I am going to write more of my screwball comedy to cheer myself up. I have a cracktastic plotbunny that I hope is still sort of in character. :)
29th-Jul-2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
I also avoid the mainstream media while the show runs through the season. I can't stand the Mohinder hate. In fact it wasn't until I stumbled upon the few of you at TWoP and then discovered the lj world that there were others who loved Mohinder too! It warmed my aching heart :-)

I'd like to think that Mohinder not being cool but being significant to some of the stories and having a connection to so many characters...and the fact that he's an "every man" without the knowledge that Bennet possesses regarding The Company, but still tries to do the right thing and confronts his own fears to do it makes him a character the writers want to write for. This is my desperate hope that he doesn't get killed. There are so few non-powered characters on the show that I think it's necessary for many of them to remain in play, to offer a balancing act with what they can do without an ability while still matching up with powered people. Bennet, Mohinder, Ando all bring different things to the table and I think (or hope) that the writers recognize that that's needed.

Also I'm with squills that you need to give a few episodes a chance. When I think back on season two I was stoked at the end of the first episode to see Mohinder working with Bennet to bring down The Company. It posed so many possibilities...and I ended up not liking the way the writers handled it. The set up was good but it fell apart for me as the season progressed. So the first episode of season three might not be great for Mohinder but maybe his storyline will actually get better as the the season progresses. Just a thought :-)

Yay for screwball comedy! I could use that right now.
29th-Jul-2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
With regards to romance...well considering that Dania referred to the new season as "twisted" and Sendhil said it was "deeply dark" I'm doubtful of the romance being anything more than over with relatively fast (wishful thinking on my part?)

I am really, really hoping that it's something like that. Or that they're just plain editing scenes in commercials to make it look like it's more than it actually is. It's not just that I don't want to see that particular romance; after seeing the characters' behavior in the first episode, they'd have to work even harder to convince me there are genuine romantic feelings between the two of them.
29th-Jul-2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
after seeing the characters' behavior in the first episode, they'd have to work even harder to convince me there are genuine romantic feelings between the two of them.]

See, now reading that actually makes me feel some relief over that shot from the promo. I'd like to think the writers learned their lesson about romance from season two...it's not that romantic pairings can't be done (I like Bennet and Sandra, Hiro and Charlie, Nathan and his hookup with Jessica -- all season one) but there's a way to handle them. Again I'm trying to put some faith in Sendhil and Dania's own words...which hardly sound lovey dovey :-) I've also learned that commercials can be totally misleading...
28th-Jul-2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear you had fun! And that you got to check out a whole bunch of interesting stuff. I'm envious of you getting stuff signed at the XKCD and PA booths. =)

Personally, I'm stoked for season three. I guess it's because I have faith (if that's the right word) that TPTB have a reason for doing what they're doing, that they have an ultimate goal. My biggest problem with season two (and, admittedly, I didn't have a huge problem with it like some people) was that it felt directionless. Season three, so far, doesn't seem like it will suffer from that.

I look forward to reading your TWoP-style synopsis! Did you give any of the characters silly nicknames?
28th-Jul-2008 06:54 pm (UTC)
The XKCD signed poster was a total lucky chance! I was just wandering down an aisle, and he was in the corner of someone else's booth, with a little hand-lettered sign above him. And he seemed pretty surprised at how much interest he was getting. I mentioned the camping trip/poison ivy strip that ran a few weeks ago, which both my boyfriend and I loved. He almost stuttered and said that he had actually started dating a girl just a few weeks before that ran, and her friends all read the strip, and they are now convinced that that one is about her even though it's not something that actually happened in real life!

OK, I need to just post my review. I keep wanting to say things in comments that would be spoilery for the poor souls who are trying to stay unspoiled, and I don't want to do that! But yes...I did have several exclamation point names for characters. :0)
30th-Jul-2008 04:05 am (UTC)
Hihi! It was fun meeting you in line. Sorry about the accidental cut/run! I was trying to nab a few seats up in the front section (go-go Powerwalk of POWER ;-) and didn't manage any more than (briefly) three total before getting the "No, saving seats" line from an Elite person and was forced to let other people sit. By then I'd lost you guys and gave up.

I got Gris Grimly's art book! :D The way he dressed up with a vest, tickled me pink. Also, I played Kingdom of Loathing religiously for like a month before realizing I was beginning an addition that would never end if I didn't stop. ;-) It's so much fun.

All in all - much fun meeting you guy - thanks for being such faboo line-buddies!
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