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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
Just me blowing off steam about my now ex-employer 
12th-Mar-2009 11:57 am
Eddie Izzard - St Bastard
I am in the middle of an unexpected two weeks off from work. Last week I came down with an absolutely nasty sinus infection, and had been offered a position at another place, and wound up resigning by email. I hated to do it that way, but several people I know had been hit by this virus and were out of action for days. I also, in the email, talked fairly neutrally about reasons why I was leaving and gave solid examples of things that had happened to make me want to leave. The upshot was that they told me I did not need to come back to work out my two weeks' notice.

What's sad though, is that when I went back to pick up my things and answer some questions that they had...not one mention was made of my comments about being unhappy, and I didn't have any kind of exit interview. They were all full of smiles and hopes that I'll get better soon and enjoy my new position. Which means, of course, that I've just been labeled a malcontent who was trying to stir up trouble, and not one thing will change. I told them those things because I thought I ought to make them aware of just how upsetting some of their actions have been to the lower-level staff, in the hopes that they start to actually have dialogue with the staff so that the working environment would be less toxic.  I shouldn't have bothered.

What worries me is that I'm going to be made into a handy scapegoat for any problems. For instance, one of the questions they had for me was where some paperwork was. I told them it was in a certain binder. They told me that two people had searched that binder, and it was not there. I called for the binder; right there was the tab for the paperwork, and behind that tab was the damned paperwork! They said something about how they'd expected the paperwork to be arranged in a different fashion, and that's why they didn't notice the tab (ZOMGWTFBBQ?!?).  What's going to happen when I'm no longer there to "fix" things like that? Are they just going to throw up their hands and declare that because they can't immediately find what they need, obviously I messed it up before I left? They've already re-arranged my cube - if they couldn't see a clearly-labeled tab that was right in front of their faces, what have they already carelessly thrown out that they'll later blame on me?

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now, and even if they do mutter accusations, I'm already into a new job and soon those people will be able to say, "Um, I've worked with her for 6 months and never seen any indication she would do something like that."

What's hilarious is that I suspect part of why they didn't want me back, is that they were afraid I would try to "poison" other employees with my attitude (newsflash: the other employees don't need help from me to be unhappy, they already are unhappy...). So far, multiple ex-co-workers have let me know that they're furious over me being told not to come back, that they think it was really tacky that management didn't even let them get me a goodbye cake and that they're not happy with the way the transition of duties is being handled. So, management has damaged relations with their in-house team, on their own, far more than I ever could. Which is pretty much par for the course, with them.  Sigh.

12th-Mar-2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
Walk away and don't look back. Don't worry about what they might try to blame on you now that you're gone. Consider yourself done with the place. In light of their attitude towards you leaving (and then the whole work in the binder issue) I wouldn't even waste my time wondering what they might say is your fault down the road. Screw them. You had the chance to get out and did it

I hope you're feeling better! Being sick sucks.
12th-Mar-2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
I've been telling myself that. It's always easier to think that way than to feel that way, though! (If you know what I mean.)

I do feel better! I hope this stupid virus doesn't make its way east to everyone else. Fiance missed 4 days of work with bronchitis and when he did make it in, his co-workers tried to talk him into going back home. That's another thing frustrating me, though. When I realized I had over two weeks before I had to start my new job, I figured I'd get over the virus in a couple of days, then start tackling projects I always put off for lack of time, and try out some TV shows that have been recommended to me, and even pull out a couple of story drafts and try to finish them. That was last Thursday. All I've managed to get done is to organize some files on the computer. And wash underwear, because I was going to have to wear dirty underwear if I didn't. Blech. At least I'm finally getting energy back, so the next 10 days hopefully won't all go to waste!!!
12th-Mar-2009 09:56 pm (UTC)
What's with the bronchitis? I've never had it and then while I was in South Africa I got hit with it...as did 1/4 of the wedding party.

Hey, of all the things to get done, washing underwear should always be at the top of the list :-) Sorry to hear you were sick for so long and that it took so much out of you. **positive vibes**
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