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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
9th-Dec-2009 08:37 pm
Misc - winter tree
I just wanted to give a big holiday hug to aelora and icalynn to thank them for giving me cookies! I hope you guys are not completely buried under this lovely snowstorm!

I always wanted to give a very belated thank you to icalynn , aurilly and A. Nonny Mous for sending me birthday goodies in October...which I just now realized I got. Has LJ been having problems with notifications, or something? At any rate, thank you all...I really do appreciate them, now that I realize I got them!!! *facepalms*

And finally...I'm sending out Christmas cards this weekend, so if anyone would like one, please leave your name and address in the comments (which are screened) or send me a private message. I know it's late, and if you're overseas it may arrive late but...hey, that just extends the holiday season even more. Right? :0)

(I think a more appropriate title for this post might be "I Really Love The Ellipsis...")
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