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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
11th-May-2010 07:47 pm
Shaun of the Dead WTF
My husband just made me realize that there is Wesley/The Traveler slash fic out there.



12th-May-2010 07:16 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if this makes him a keeper or is grounds for divorce.
12th-May-2010 01:25 pm (UTC)
The way it went down was, I was half-watching TNG while doing some work. It was the episode where Wesley’s experiment traps his mother in a time bubble and from her perspective, people keep disappearing but no one else remembers they existed, and they summon the Traveler who helps them save her. So my husband walks in, sees the Traveler telling Wesley to close his eyes and relax and let things go, and says, “Now kiss me...slowly...” My reaction was, “Yeah, ha ha. That’s really...wait...that means...you know that someone has...AAAAAAAAA!” He smiled, said, “My work here is done!” and walked out again.

So...yeah. Either he’s a complete keeper, or I need to just divorce him. (He would probably add, “Or both”.)
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