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My journal. Yes.
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Has anyone ever been to Geek.Kon? 
23rd-Jul-2011 01:14 pm
Torchwood - Speeding at night
Just doing a quick drive-by post...I know my flist is pretty small, and I don't think any of you live close enough to Madison, Wisconsin to have experienced it, but has anyone gone to Geek.Kon?  I stumbled across it while just randomly looking at cons online.  I prefer smaller gatherings like this one seems to be.  I went to ComicCon once, and I'm glad I got to experience it, but I don't deal well with giant crowds so I'm automatically tense and weird with everyone around me.  I prefer the cons that are somewhere between "local" and "regional": sure, they'll never book the stars of the current mega-hit show/movie as guests, but they have lots of panels that are basically just fans initiating discussions with other fans so you've got automatic ice breakers with the people around you, and you don't have to spend 5 hours standing in line to get into the panel you're interested in.

The website for Geek.Kon needs some updating, but I'm intrigued by the guest list and they have panels like "Why did I agree to do this?: LARP Logistics".  And it's affordable even with my current budget crunch: $30 for a weekend pass and a room in the Marriott for 4 people for under $100 a night.

The problem is that this is only the con's 5th year and I don't know anyone who's been.  So I just wanted to ask: has anyone been to Geek.Kon, or knows anyone who's been, and can pass along anecdotes/opinions?

Also, if anyone is in the Madison area or might think about going to the con, and would like to meet up, let me know.  I'll update here as soon as any decisions are made about going.

Also also, if you have a local con that you enjoy going to, I'd love to hear recommendations.  I'm hoping to have enough cash for a vacation next spring/summer, and it would be nice to combine a convention with a couple of days of touristy-stuff in a city I haven't visited before.
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24th-Jul-2011 07:39 am (UTC) - Re: Geek.Kon attendee
Thanks a lot for the info!
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