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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
You may vaguely remember my name... 
21st-Aug-2007 01:52 pm
NewsRadio cracking
OK.  So.  I was supposed to get back from the wedding last night, and I was desperately looking forward to it, because not only does being around family 24/7 get very old very quickly, but I basically had no internet acccess and also couldn't pick up a cell phone signal the whole 4 days I was there.  I couldn't even get Word 95 to work on my mom's ancient computer.  So yesterday afternoon, my parents take me back up to Columbus so I can catch my 6 pm flight, which was an arduous journey because they're already turning into Those Older People...
...you know, the ones who are really nervous about city traffic so they hit the brakes over everything?  So I finally get to the airport and find out...my flight has been cancelled.  Not just delayed, cancelled--they were even diverting flights down to Cincinnati due to the storms.  I stood in line at United, then at American, then went to Northwest to see if they had anything, then back to American where they put me on a flight for the next morning...at 6:55 am.  Luckily my aunt lives not too far from the airport and I was able to sleep at her house.  Unfortunately the only bed available was the couch in the basement.  

Then the alarm didn't go off in the morning so I barely had enough time to throw on clothes and brush my hair before leaving.  The flight to St. Louis went fine...but then the connecting flight to Minneapolis was delayed.  And delayed.  And delayed again.  Then they loaded us onto the plane, taxiied to the side...and stopped.  Apparently they hadn't been cleared for takeoff for another half-hour, but they were *hoping* to get an earlier slot, so they decided to go ahead and load us into the plane.  And then let us sit on the tarmac in the sun IN ST. LOUIS IN AUGUST.  Yeah.  Thanks, dudes.

But now I am finally home, only 17 hours later than expected.  And let me tell you, I kissed the sweet, sweet Minnesota ground.  Or at least I would have, if the terminal hadn't been packed with thousands of people whose outgoing flights were delayed and cancelled because the incoming flights were all being delayed and cancelled.  But if they hadn't all been in my way, I would have.  

And now I get to go through 5 days' worth of unanswered emails, and flist posts, and Team Sylar insanity.  And right now I have absolutely no desire to ever travel anywhere again.  Not even for the love of Zachary Quinto.  (Well...OK...maybe for that.)
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