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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
The liver is evil, and it must be punished. 
25th-Aug-2007 12:01 am
Eddie Izzard - St Bastard

Tonight?  Euchre.  I always bitch about having to drive all the way over to St. Paul, as if it's the end of the world, even though it borders Minneapolis, but...when you live up here, you quickly learn that to the average Minneapolitan, St Paul might as well be the moon.  But it's worth going clear to the other side of downtown to see everyone.

K:  There is nothing on TV anymore.  I don't even know why I own a damn TiVo.
Me:  Heroes comes back on in a month.  Heroes, and my man Sylar.
K:  Damn.  You are one sick puppy, you know that?

Insane, as always.  I probably should have stayed longer, but I knew if I did, I'd start drinking again/more--they had started on the Scooby Snacks--and I really didn't want to have to sleep on someone else's couch for the second time in a week.

We like to play bottoms in euchre (insert your own hoyay joke here).  It means that if you have three 9's and 10's in your hand, you can trade them in for the three mystery cards on the bottom of the blind.  So in one hand, I do so--the Queen of Hearts is turned up, and I trade in the 9 and 10 of Hearts.  And M throws down three cards and announces he wants the cards I just threw away, that everyone's seen, and that are utterly useless.

C:  What the hell are you doing? 
M:  Look, that's potential trump she threw away!  If you pick up that Queen of Hearts, the 9 and 10 will be trump!
Me:  Except that those are the TWO SHITTIEST CARDS.
C:  And, that I'm not making hearts trump.  So picking up the two shittiest hearts did you absolutely no good.
M:  ...

I realize hardly anyone reading this knows euchre, but believe me...this is hilarious.  In fact, it's so funny that M had to just sit there while the other three people at the table laughed until we cried.  And of course we brought it up all night.  I'm sure he's crouched over a drawing board right now, plotting our painful murders.

C:  Have you Wii'd yet?
Me:  Dude, I own a Wii.
C:  Have you ever noticed how many of the Wii games involve this? [she makes a fist and pumps it up and down rapidly] These games were all designed by men.  I'm just sayin'.  [points at M]  He's great at Wii games.  I'm just sayin'.
[long pause]
M:  Super Mario Party 8?  Now there's a good time.
C:  Yeah--all the games in it involve this!  [makes a fist and pumps it up and down rapidly]  He and his best friend can sit on the couch and 'play' that all night!  I'm just sayin'.

Masturbation jokes: fun for the inner 12-year-old in all of us.

Oh...and the subject line of this post?  A t-shirt that M once saw a guy wearing in a Walmart.  Good times.

25th-Aug-2007 09:23 am (UTC)
It's true about the Wii games. And it's true that my best friend's boyfriend owns at games of...that particular nature. Dang, this job means I can't get over to them when I'm bored. AND they're getting the HD version of Heroes. I HATE WORKING IT MAKES MY "SOCIAL" LIFE DIE.
25th-Aug-2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
The Wii is a beautiful, beautiful thing. All my friends now have one, and we're all still so addicted to Wii bowling that we mainly play that.

And I have actually been pathetic enough to price HD DVD players simply because I want the Heroes set. I cannot afford one at all...but I want one. *sniff*
26th-Aug-2007 11:46 am (UTC)
I subscribe to the theory of "If you do B, A will handle itself". This would be great, if the normal way of doing things was not "A first, then B" Thusly, I have already bought the HD-DVDs which means that now I must get an HD-DVD player. Otherwise, I just tossed $61 down the drain!

My brother used to buy all of the video game systems, but now that he has fallen under the sway of a succubus moved out, it looks like I will have to buy my own Wii. It will be my first ever video game system... (unless my old-school extra-clunky first-gen GameBoy counts.) I am very excited.

26th-Aug-2007 04:46 pm (UTC)
The last game console I bought was a Sega Genesis, in 1992. I just didn't have enough money during most of the 90s to afford more consoles, and then when I traded my Mac in for a PC I switched over to PC gaming, since I'd already shelled out money for the computer.

But within 5 minutes of playing the Wii, I knew I had to have one. HAD TO. Kind of like Sylar eating ice cream, but in a slightly different sense of the word "have".
26th-Aug-2007 09:28 pm (UTC)
oh wait! I think I bought a Genesis too?!(Is that the system on which one would play "Sonic The Hedgehog"?)It was on sale at my job for $20 bucks, so I picked one up. Then it got stolen from my brother's friend's storage unit. I think today I will move the brother's left-behind Gamecube back here.. all of this video game talk has got me itching to play some Mortal Kombat.
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