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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
My laptop, it is here. 
19th-Sep-2007 10:04 pm
Misc - sun in branch

So.  My laptop, which I really cannot afford but which I decided I needed for mental health reasons, came in last night, which was perfect--they'd told me it wouldn't ship till the 26th, which was AFTER the first of the trips I wanted to take it on.  In just a moment, I shall complain about what I had to go through to get it, but first...the whores!  Er, I mean, pictures of the laptop.

My camera sucks--it came free with the computer I bought in 2004--so this is poor quality and the light is reflecting on the keyboard and making it look green instead of silver.  But the keyboard has a nice wide area at the bottom that you can rest your wrists on, and so far I seem to be able to type without constantly whacking my thumbs into the "mouse" buttons like I usually do.

And it's serendipitous that the keyboard appears green, because...

That's right--it's a green computer.  I love it.  My only uneasiness with it so far is...Windows Vista.  Yeah.  Does anyone understand why Microsoft feels compelled to make every new OS into a solution in search of a problem?  I'm still having trouble figuring out how to find the "My Documents" folder.  I haven't had time to really sit down and figure out how to customize everything; hopefully I can get through that this weekend.  Also I need to see if I can customize the Google toolbar on the right of the screen.  It's got possibilities: if you're connected to the internet it will show you headlines and current weather, and it's got a module that slowly cycles through your pictures:

(And you may notice that my wallpaper does NOT include Sylar, or Mohinder, or Sylar and Mohinder.  At least, it didn't when I took this picture.)

Picking up the computer, after spending almost a month waiting for it, was a pain in the ass.  DHL left a notice on my door that said I could pick it up at their hub, since I had to sign for it in person.  The notice also said that the location of the hub was on its back, so I turned it over, and...it was totally blank.  NOTHING.  Not even printed words.

So I said okay, and I came inside and called the 888 number on the notice.  After asking if I would like to continue en Espanol and then making me listen to a disturbingly cheerful recorded voice for several minutes, the automated phone system asked for my ZIP code and told me it would transfer me to the local office.  And then the phone rang. And rang. And rang. And rang. 

So after repeating this (with the thought that maybe something went wrong in their switching system) and getting the same result, I called a different 800 number that I found online.  After another 8-minute wait, I finally got a live person who gave me the address of the office, which, I realized, was all the way down by the airport.  And it's already 7:15 pm.  I jump in the car...and it dings at me.  It's almost out of gas.  Great.  I rectify this situation and it's now 7:25.  And it's been raining.  All day.  And what do Minnesota drivers do when it's been raining all day?  That's right--they scream in terror because SOMETHING IS COMING DOWN OUT OF THE SKY, MY GOD, IT'S GOING TO KILL US ALL, and they drive 30 miles an hour on the freeway, which means that I can't even begin to estimate how long it will take me to get down there.

But I do manage to make it to the office before it closes, and I do manage to get the lovely green laptop.  And then, because it was now after 8 and I haven't eaten dinner yet, I decide to be a loser and stop at the grocery store for some Annie's Mac and Cheese.  And when I come back outside?  It's pouring.  As in, Lake Superior is being dumped on top of the parking lot.  (Well, actually, the water was pretty warm, so I suppose it was more like Lake Erie was being dumped on the parking lot.)  And when I got to the house, I decided I would rather make one unshielded run into the house with my arms full, than two runs with an umbrella.  That was not a good decision.  The inside of the manpurse is still wet.

But hey!  Green laptop!

20th-Sep-2007 05:30 am (UTC)
Your ownership of a a shiny, new green laptop makes me insanely jealous. Yet, the fact that it comes with Vista makes me chuckle a bit at your misfortune. I may declare this round is officially a draw... for now.
20th-Sep-2007 05:59 am (UTC)
Just keep in mind that I will be paying this sucker off for probably a year. But it also means I can Do Things While Traveling! And also, in the fall, my body wants to hibernate and it usually props itself up in front of the computer. Now I can at least go sit downstairs at the table and extend my sphere of operations beyond the bedroom. And maybe, just maybe, I could even take the laptop to the library or the coffee shop, where there are real flesh-and-blood humans that I could have meaningful interaction with.

An added benefit is that I can take my pictures of Zachary Quinto with me wherever I go.
20th-Sep-2007 09:36 am (UTC)
Hey, I never said I was going to emerge victorious, I just said that for now, it was a draw. I may have to consult with a neutral third-party, but I am pretty sure you win just by virtue of actually having a laptop.
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