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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
The obligatory Heroes season opener post. 
24th-Sep-2007 10:24 pm
Sylar S2 promo pic

I have to be a fangirl and post about Heroes because otherwise I won’t be able to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing.  

Overall?  Very happy.  Very encouraged.  Trying very hard not to remember that this was how I felt after the bus crash in season 2 of Veronica Mars, and look where that got me: a coma baby and a disgustingly retconned S1 finale.  I realize that’s negative, but until Thanksgiving comes and I look back and say, “Damn—this season has been awesome,” I shall continue to live in fear of yet another show I love not being able to maintain its beauty.

OK.  What pissed me off: I have an issue – a real issue – with Parkman having custody of Molly.  Anyone remember the Great Coma Baby Custody Bloodbath Discussion of 2005/2006 on the Veronica Mars boards?  Unless Molly has absolutely no close blood relatives on both sides of her family, how in hell did Parkman, a gravely wounded [stupid] guy who is no blood relation, who more or less just lost his job in a way that would not look good even if caseworkers weren't given the full story on why he left the PD, whose pregnant wife is divorcing him and who’s abandoned his whole life to move across the country…how did he get custody of Molly?  And even if Molly’s parents were both only-child orphans with no cousins or aunts or uncles, Child Protective Services isn’t going to just hand a kid over to Officer Parkman just because she says she wants to live with him.  It sounded like Molly’s teacher knows Parkman is just her guardian - what explanation did they come up with for Molly getting to New York?  Seriously, people.  Remember when posters at TWoP were at each other’s throats over whether or not Meg’s parents could have wrestled custody of the baby from Duncan?  At least they all shared DNA with the kid.  I have a massive need for a logical explanation of this that I can swallow.  I don’t know why this is bothering me so badly, but it is.

On the other hand…aggressive Mohinder is hot.  Unbelievably hot.  Even with the cropped hair.  Wow.  Just wow.  I don’t recall finding him that hot before.  But then, when I think of previous examples of prime badassery out of him, two main instances come to mind.  “Landslide”, where his badassery was in direct competition with “Your last thought!” and with the distracting creepiness of Thompson.  And “Parasite”, which…come on.  When the guy you’ve tied up and threatened to kill has the nerve to lean into your gun barrel so hard it leaves a mark on his forehead, I’m afraid you lose the badass championship to him by a very wide margin.  I’m digressing.  Could we have some more Hot!Angry!Mohinder next week, please?

And I'm guessing that when Mohinder said, "They took the bait", that meant that his lecture about the virus...is just crap concocted to get the Company's attention?  Am I interpreting this correctly?  All I know is that when he talked about it, my first thought was, "You've got to find a cure!  And then find Sylar and make sure he doesn't die!"  I am sadly, pathetically overinvested in keeping my Gabriel Gray around.  I need to find some more hobbies.

And on the more thought-provoking side, I quite liked the Company Man’s segue from the dangers of Sylar to Molly.  Because that was exactly the thought I had of her last year.  She’s only a kid, yes.  But her power is already being misused – she may have been personally innocent, but was still causing harm.  And if she chose a path that put her in league with someone evil, she could be even more awful.  I just think that’s something that deserves some more consideration.  We’ve now got the two extreme examples: Sylar who enjoys his deliberate destruction, and Maya who’s terrified of her accidental murders.  But it’s easy to make judgment calls in those extreme cases, and most powers aren’t that extreme.  If they’re going to make this a theme, they need to have more grey examples, seemingly benign but potentially devastating, like Molly.  Or the Haitian!  Where’s the Haitian?

I still have just one request: that when Sylar comes back, he ends up can-openering someone right away.  It’s not that I’m bloodthirsty or in a bad mood.  Just…well, see my above comments re: badass championship.  

likealongforgottendream just chimed in with agreement on the Mohinder issue.  But she also said that...that...that Peter looked pretty good without the emo bangs.  Noooooo!  Come away from the Dark Side!  And…oh, shit.  Am I the only person who hopes Peter stays away for a long, long time?  Because if the poodle couldn’t handle Ted’s power, what would happen if he sucked up Maya’s?

25th-Sep-2007 04:34 am (UTC)
In reference to what you said about Matt and Molly: To be honest, I thought that Mohinder would have been the one to be legally responsible for her, except that I had totally forgotten about all her other relatives. After I read your thoughts on this, the situation bothered me too until I read MissMoneyBags' take on it in the Episode Discussion thread:

"Actually, leaving the HoYay aside for a minute, I think Bennet has probably orchestrated, suggested or endorsed the Matt/Mohinder/Molly situation. He's left the "tracking system" in the hands of the two people he actually trusts to take care of her - knowing the Company could very well come after them to get Molly back.

So having said that, it could also be plausible that Matt decided, or was talked into, divorcing his wife for her own safety. In addition to the other marital problems they were obviously having."

As for the lack of Sylar, I was willing to let it slide in light of everything else that was going on. Did you see the preview following the premiere, by any chance?

BadAss!Mohinder FTW. Seriously, he got about 10 times hotter and this time he didn't even need an elephant. Awesome.

Peter.... hmm. I'm slightly interested to see where he's going, but I kind of miss the floppy bangs. I wonder if he'll grow his hair out by the end of the season, or if this is supposed to be some new and improved Peter. Hey, maybe he'll grow on you as time goes on.... No? Alright then.

25th-Sep-2007 05:08 am (UTC)
I haven't even been in the episode thread yet. The first day or so, there's more squeeing than anything else, and I like to start reading once people have moved into the serious overanalysis. ;0)

I'd heard Sylar wasn't going to be around - in fact, if what they're saying is true, he'll be reappearing on the ep that airs the night before my birthday, which is a lovely present. But still...I miss him. And I must admit, I'm even more curious about the circumstances of his disappearance now. It has always bothered me that no one seemed alarmed over it. So now I'm wondering, when Mohinder commented that he was dead, was that correct? Or are they aware that he's out there somewhere but don't want the Company to know they know?

And when I heard Mohinder say that he was a monster, I said out loud, "Mohinder...don't cry! He'll come back for you!"

Honestly, I'm amazed by Mo in this episode. I think part of it is that no one else held a candle to him in the badass department this week, so it stands out more. But still...wow. I barely even noticed the lack of curls.

I've just never liked Peter, and I don't know if that's ever going to change. Someone once said (and I've repeated) that after watching Peter be angsty and dependent week after week, they were starting to think that Sylar had a point about being more deserving. But if Peter spends the season maturing, without either hiding from his emotions like Future!Peter in Las Vegas, or kind of divorcing himself from them like Sylar, I'll reconsider my position. :0)
25th-Sep-2007 06:49 am (UTC)
As I've never checked out the episode threads till now, it's quite exciting. There's a ton of squeeage like you said, but there's also lots of speculation. I'm also sure that by tomorrow everyone (myself included) will have calmed down and start getting into Analytical mode.

That's a pretty awesome birthday present right there! I missed Sylar as well, but there was so much going on that I was pleased with the turnout. Although I hate that we have to wait, I also think that it's a good buildup to his opening scene because it's what a lot of people are waiting for.

I barely even noticed the lack of curls.
You too? I think it was because we had a few months to lament over his hair, but by now it'll have grown back. If Mohinder ended up with any kind of superpower, it would be hair-related.

I can understand that the writers want to keep the most powerful characters (Hiro/Sylar/Peter) out of the fold, and while I buy all of their storylines, they're going to eventually have to come back into the fray. With Peter's incarceration and convenient memory-loss, at first I was all, "Amnesia? How Soap-opera-ish of Kring", but I think that it'll play a big part in developing Peter's character from the first season. I guess we'll just have to wait and see about him....
25th-Sep-2007 08:24 am (UTC)
I'd already heard about the amnesia, and although they were being coy about it at first, I'd pretty much figured out from hints that Peter would be the one with it. I try to stay unspoiled but it's just freaking impossible, if you do anything with fandom online. And I agree, it's rather soap-operaish, but if it's done right it could be fun.

At first people were speculating it would be Sylar, which would bring up the possibility of him redeeming himself by becoming happy without braaains, but I thought that was a little too hokey. But then I realized that it might be interesting if it were Peter: how much of his personality is inborn and how much the result of interactions with his family? What if he developed a new personality that he was more confident in, then was reunited with his family but yet was a very different person? I don't mean 'evil', I just mean not the puppy-dog-eyed emo boy they all knew. It might have interesting possibilities for character interaction and growth for all the Petrellis.

This is the kind of overimaginative speculation I like endulging in after the initial fangirling is over... :0)
25th-Sep-2007 07:41 am (UTC)
Wow. If this is what it was like to watch the first episode last season, I am even madder at my extra-late conversion. What was I thinking?

I tried to go into the episode thread, but after like the tenth "Molly has two dads!" and the third "Saaaarrkkk!" I was done. Then I tried again later and got 12 pages in before I decided to give it a rest. I may try my hand in some of the character threads though, since they seem to be less overwhelming. I mean, if I can make it in the Sylar thread, I am pretty sure I can survive in some of the slower-moving spots where the posts are generally less than "term paper" in length.

I am in total agreement about the improbability of anyone giving Parkman a kid. I mean, general Parkman-ness aside, and for all of the reasons you listed above. I have never understood why TV constant insists on these crazy illogical adoptions by random folks. Plus the whole "We live in Mohinder's place" just bothers me for some reason. Then again I am not a fan of Parkman or Molly, so maybe that is coloring my opinion of the entire situation. ::shrugs:: I still miss the curls though. Even more than the emo bangs. And, the Pasbeard? Not as bad as I thought. Are these signs that I may need to seek professional help? Please, if they are, let me know.

25th-Sep-2007 08:06 am (UTC)
I tried to go into the episode thread, but after like the tenth "Molly has two dads!" and the third "Saaaarrkkk!" I was done. Then I tried again later and got 12 pages in before I decided to give it a rest.
My experience with the VM boards was: stay the hell out of them for 24 hours after the episode airs. In addition to that stuff, you generally get dozens of "My favrite moments!!!1!!" posts, even though the mods tell people not to do that. I didn't start hanging out in the Heroes ep threads till the last two eps, but my guess would still be that by this time tomorrow, the thoughtful people will be speculating calmly and with originality.

I think the Pasbeard was more tolerable because it makes sense in this context. When Pasdar was grinning and clean-cut at social functions, it was terrifying. But when Nathan's practically feral, crouching in Peter's old apartment, it fits the mood of the scene perfectly.

I forgot to mention in my own fangirlish squeeing that I thought it was interesting that once again, we have a shadowy murderer with his face covered. I'm now entertaning fantasies that it will turn out to be Sylar, coming after the ElderHeroes with his bare hands like he did Chandra, because they're the ones who dragged him off and have been experimenting on him the last four months. Hey...whoever it was looked relatively slim under that jacket and moves like a much younger man than the ElderHeroes would be. And Sylar was played by a non-speaking body double at the beginning of last season, so it would be hilarious if it turned out they did the same thing again to avoid bringing ZQ in till the third ep, to make us think it couldn't possibly be Sylar. (I'd take the idea to the Sylar thread but it's pretty crackalicious even for me at 3 am.)
26th-Sep-2007 02:59 am (UTC)
When the guy you’ve tied up and threatened to kill has the nerve to lean into your gun barrel so hard it leaves a mark on his forehead, I’m afraid you lose the badass championship to him by a very wide margin.
I'm in love with this sentence.
26th-Sep-2007 06:04 am (UTC)
Heh. I had to rewrite that sentence twice when I was posting because it was really long and filled with parenthetical phrases because I was trying to squeeze too much badass awesomeness into it.

Seriously, though...I think Sylar's manipulation of Mohinder in that episode marked the point where he went from being a fascinating character to an object of obsession. And I didn't even find him overly attractive yet at that point.
26th-Sep-2007 07:02 am (UTC)
I just find that moment incredibly sexy. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I also don't care.
26th-Sep-2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
I think it must be an instinctive response, because my best friend and I reacted the same way. Sylar's just always confident and in control, and can size up and take over any situation. There's something very masculine about that.

It's why Sylar > Peter every time, in my book. Peter, when faced with death, gets a wide-eyed look of terror like a 6-year-old who's just been told Santa Claus isn't real. Sylar, when faced with death, dares the guy to pull the trigger in a way that subtly manipulates him out of pulling it. How can people not choose him?
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