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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
I haz music. U kan too. 
17th-Oct-2007 09:53 pm
Misc - sunflowers 1

So I had a grump-enducing day at work.  And then I got home at 8:20 pm and read a couple of other things that grumped me up further.  (Don't be mean to people who are nice to me.  I'm very loyal to people who are nice to me and I do NOT like people who are mean to them.)  At any rate, I recognized from previous experience that I shouldn't even attempt to do the writing or email-answering I'd planned on doing because it will be completely negative and "up yours, world".

So to cheer myself up I am listening to rock music that makes me want to jump around a lot.  And I decided that since I tend to use my LJ to blow off steam, which makes it whiny, I would put up a playlist for all y'all of rock music that will hopefully make you want to jump around a lot too, if you'd like any of the songs.  I put separate links to each one which might be irritating to some people, but I know several people on my flist are on dialup and might not want to spend hours downloading one massive file.  I also babble about the songs a bit. (Also: OMG even with lj cuts this post is incredibly long because LJ keeps messing up my formatting...argh.  Sorry.)

1. The Hold Steady - Your Little Hoodrat Friend  *download - 6.1MB*   *full lyrics

OK, I suppose one could say this song is depressing when you think about the lyrics.  But it still makes me want to jump around a lot.  Plus I liked Craig Finn clear back when he was in Lifter Puller.

Your little hoodrat friend makes me sick
but after i get sick i just get sad.
because it burns being broke and it hurts to be heartbroken
but always being both must be a drag.


2. Ike Reilly - I Don't Want What You Got Goin' On *download - 5.6MB*

Another song that isn't happy, but it sure is cathartic.  My hair stylist told me I'd like Ike Reilly, and boy, was he right.  Of course, he also refused to listen to my recommendation about watching Veronica Mars because it was on the same network as Enterprise.

A beautiful girl once said to me
Some men'll rob you with poetry
And stare to watch you while you sleep
And kiss your ears and make you weep


3. Gone Daddy Finch - I Don't Hope For Her *download - 4.8MB* *full lyrics (go to Discography)*

OK, this is old skool.  1992.  Freshman year of college.  This is a band from Bowling Green/Toledo that only had a 5-song EP put out locally at the time, but my friends and I loved them and quite literally jumped around whenever listening to them.  It was probably one of the most requested songs on our college radio station that year (and yes, I was one of the 5 people on campus who listened to our radio station and I was friends with a number of the DJs and I even have a noncommercial broadcasting license, so just send me my Dork Dollars now).

Reality is gone, you've completed 21
And I'm smoking all the cigarettes I stole for you
Things are just OK, well, at least I mean today
Compared to yesterday when I had too much hope


4. Groceries - Kama Sutra For Virgins *download - 3.7MB*

This is currently my absolutely favorite song.  And has been for weeks since I got it from a mix that mostlikely2 put on his lj.  And yes, you may notice that the songs I'm putting here are not exactly happy perky songs.  I can't help it if depressing things cheer me up, people!  Don't ever ask me to make a mix of love songs for you, you'll be just as horrified as my college friends were.

I've been thinking about the way curled toes look in swimming pools
These are chemicals
These are purposes
'Cause you're the kind of thing I like to wreck


5. The Clarks - Cigarette *download - 6.8MB*

This song reminds me of an ex because he's the one who gave it to me, but I like it enough that I can overcome that.  This is a Pittsburgh band, if yinz like that sort of thing.  And the song is a little thought-provoking and a lot more fun than the first verse would seem to indicate.

In a black and far-off corner of my mind there's a box of something I can't quite define
It houses circus freaks, temptation and bad trips
In an isolated corner of the box there's a trap door covered up with dirt and rocks
It opens to the stairs that lead down to the crypt


6. The Marshes - Offshore *download - 3.5MB*

I hate to admit it but I've been listening to this song for over a decade and still haven't figured out all of the lyrics.  But I don't really care.  It makes me too happy to listen to it.


7. The Thermals - How We Know *download - 4.6MB*

One of the many bands I've found by listening to The Current.  You can download more of their free MP3s from Sub Pop if you like them.

And this is how we go, soft and slowly, don't you know me?
Now I count two...I count for you
You never thought I would have you again
I count two two three, breathe two three


8. Millencollin - Story Of My Life *download - 3.7MB* *full lyrics*

Dude...why do I keep going back to the 90s for fun music?  This is a Swedish ska/skate punk band.  Quit laughing.

Breakfast in bed, breakfast in bed, the bed's in the kitchen so it's easy to be fed
And when I'm fed yes when I am fed, I go right back to bed
Food and sleep-watch, food and sleep-watch, the thing should keep me from having too much
But sometimes it feels that I could kill for dessert


9.  Bettie Serveert -  Story in a Nutshell *download - 1.7MB* *full lyrics*

HA!  I found a love song that I like and that isn't all depressing!  It's also from the 90s, but it's fun!  And perky!  All hail Bettie Serveert!

The average guy that lives next door who's never been in love before
That was your story in a nutshell
Kinda cute and kinda shy, your normal kind of average guy
Nobody seemed to know you that well


10. David Garza - Discoball World *download - 4.7MB*

I think I got this from a CMJ music sampler in...1997.  Geez.  It's so perky and almost danceable to make you forget that it's about a badly-ended relationship.

Every day I miss the you I used to know
Before I let you down, before you let me go
We'd listen to the left side of the radio
And you were so fine with your train-track smile
I fell for your coffee highs, your half-and-half white lies


11.  The Ass Ponys - Under Cedars & Stars *download - 3.7MB*

I always feel the need to finish up bouncing with something a little more gentle.  I'm not a massive fan of this Cincy band but I really like this song.  It's twangy but still rock.  Think I first heard this in 1996 on a radio station from Xavier University (which, if you're from southern Ohio, is pronounced Zavier, NOT Ecksavier).  And...OK, it's a song about love persisting even through the bad times.  So I guess there are TWO happy love songs I like.

In heaven we know our own glories, glories of the sacred
In the wonder days, the wonder gifts, the wonder story
Christian mother, fat man's daughter
Passing shadows, shadows lifted
Forgive and forget, for better for worse
In God's country under cedars and stars

And now that I've spent 2 hours doing this, I'm relaxed and happy and could do some stuff...except that it's time to go to bed.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.

(Deleted comment)
20th-Oct-2007 03:28 am (UTC)
*high fives* You're full of Awesome and Win. But I think you already knew that :D

Well of course I knew that! Didn't you get the memo? LOL

Cool! You like Ike! I am a music junkie and several people recently have put up MP3s that I loved, so I was hoping to return the favor to at least one person. I tend to like odd alternative rock, so I'm never sure if other people will like the stuff I like. But that night I felt like hearing lots of guitars. LOL
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