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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
Two text message conversations about Heroes 
22nd-Oct-2007 10:27 pm

This week, instead of an actual episode reaction, I present conversations between myself, my best friend D (aka likealongforgottendream, but that's too damn much to type right now), and the S half (i.e., the better half) of ESP.


7:45  D: I'm watching baseball. They introduced this guy as the biggest eyebrows in baseball.  He has NOTHING on ZQ.
7:48  Me: Way to make the guy feel inadequate! Also Zachary has been having his waxed lately.
7:58  D: Does it look funny?
8:06  Me: No.  But if you see pics of him regularly, you can tell he's done it.
8:09  D: Are S and J watching the 2nd season of Heroes?
8:14  Me: Oh yeah.  I think they are also getting bored with Maya y Alejandro. And hate Parkman.  And continue to not properly appreciate Sylar's Hot Strut of I'm Gonna Brain You With A Brick, Dude.
8:21  D: What is with Maya y Alejandro with Sylar in the car? Also, even tho Mohinder of the lovely hair and accent is first, I appreciate the hotness that is Sylar.
8:31  Me: You will have to be more specific about what they were doing in the car.
8:46  D: She's just sitting there simpering while Sylar gets that psycho look back in his eyes.  Maya y Alejandro are boring enough, but w/Sylar being Sylar? They don't notice?
9:04  D: Maya y Alejandro also bother me cause when they translate the Spanish it isn't always right.
9:26  Me: Yes, Maya is clearly delusional. Al at least is smart enough to be suspicious. Unfortunately they're talking about Maya "having a romance"...
9:29  D: Yeah.  With Alejandro. They are an affectionate people.
9:33  Me: Maybe they're actually "Italian". And that's why the translations aren't right. If they try to redeem Sylar with "the love of a good woman" I will puke.
9:37  D: Uh, yeah.  And if she comes anywhere near Mohinder, I might have to kill her. Give her to Ando.
9:42  Me: Ando would be properly terrified of her protective brother too. And when Hiro comes back, he could go on being a fifth wheel!
9:46  D: Exactly!
9:49  D: Better yet? Give Maya to Parkman.
9:54  Me: OMG you are so mean.  And also late to the party. I was just discussing with someone online about how she'd make him a good pregnant wife.
10:01  D: I really want to see Mohinder kick Parkman in the junk for hurting Molly.
10:05  Me: No shit. I loved how he was the one who brought up the daddy issues. Even HE knows he's a loser. & then he pulled that BS of "It might help her to face her fears!" HATE.


7:12  Me: ...You should tell her you're going to attend STFU.  Heroes in 40 min.  I really hope Sylar kills someone. Preferably Maya so I don't have to watch her cry again some more.
7:21  D: That would be a good thing. Or maybe he will blow up the Rogue. I am sick of that fucking thing. Blowing it up with Maya y Alejandro in it would rock.
7:26  Me: And they could play the GNR version of Live and Let Die as it exploded.
7:27  D: That would rule.
7:31  Me: Hopefully Sylar would be wearing that black wifebeater again. That looked much better on him than I was prepared for.
7:42  D: Yeah, he did look good.
8:01  S: HEROES!!!
8:02  Me: I just got pissed at Parkman all over again. I hope he dies.
8:02  D: Me too.
8:28  S: Man, Parkman's dumb!
8:31  Me: Mo's taking Molly to the COMPANY???  Wow.  Didn't think he could possibly do something dumber than letting Sylar live last season.
8:33  S: No kidding.
8:33  D: Never said he was smart. Just pretty.
8:39  Me: OMG this episode is both boring and annoying me. The show is about 1000 percent less interesting when Mo's being stupid and Sylar's not killing people.
8:42  S: I really agree.  They have to move this thing along.  And now, on to the most boring people!
8:54  D: No shit.  One less bad Oirish accent for next week, though.
9:03  D: I wasn't paying much attention. But did it look like HRG took a shot at Mo?
9:04  Me: Possibly. I wasn't clear on who it was but I'm assuming he's still in Odessa, though.
9:05  Me: God.  That was an hour of my life I will never get back. Sylar had better be in a significant portion of next week's show.
9:09  S: It seems like he might be the only one that could save the show now, frankly.
9:10  Me: At least it looks like Alejandro's got a pair. Though I'm wondering when this show became The Beatin' People Up Hour.
9:11  D: Mmmm.  It looks like Sylar will be in next week's episode and he wants to kill alejandro! Yay!
9:21  Me: I kind of like Alejandro though. I am not going to be happy if Sylar & Maya get together and Al is dead.
9:24  D: Al and Maya are too whiny. He did say that when he gets his abilities back he was gonna kill Al. Hopefully he will off Maya.  Or pass her on to Parkman.  Or Peter. Maya strikes me as emo.
9:26  Me: This is very sad. I'm now watching a documentary about crossword puzzle geeks on PBS and I'm finding it more exciting. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MY SHOW?
9:31  S: I don't know.  But I would like to write a letter to complain.
9:37  Me: EW ripped this ep a new one in their online review. Now I know why.
9:40  S: Me too!
9:41  Me: Is there any way we can get Isaac Mendez back? I bet he could speak Espanol correctamente. When he wasn't high.
9:43  Me: Did I ever tell you what Isaac's thread at TWoP is called? "Smack To The Future".
9:48  D: Oh God.  That shouldn't be funny but it is. Maya y Al speak perfect Spanish. The people that translate the words on bottom of screen need some help.
9:58  Me: Their pronunciation gets to me sometimes because I was taught slightly diff way. Spain as filtered through a teacher from Dayton.  Como se dice "tonight's show sucked"?

Wow. I suppose this post could also be titled, "Boring The Fangirls Is Never A Good Idea Because They Will Turn On A Dime And Rend Your Bones For Soup.  Kring."

23rd-Oct-2007 04:33 am (UTC)
awwwww, really? I actually LOVED this episode. Like, it might be my #1 for the season so far.

To each her own?
23rd-Oct-2007 05:39 am (UTC)
Must be. About halfway through, I just suddenly realized...I didn't CARE. About any of the plots. You can see from the times on the text messages that my BFFs were the same way. And this is a show I adore, and I've used the DVDs to hook 8 other people into it...but I was suddenly BORED. It's not a pleasant realization. I felt there were too many narrative cliches, like Mohinder being handed a taser and making it plain he didn't want to use it but then IMMEDIATELY having to use it, and Peter's girlfriend oh-so-conveniently having blank canvasses and paint hanging around for when his painting-the-future power activates. I thought a lot of Nathan and Matt's dialogue was brutally obvious, repeating things that I had already figured out on my own. I actually screamed at the TV in frustration when Matt was stupid enough to believe his dad and uncuff him and follow him into the other room. I'm bored with the sappy wuv story of feudal Japan. And I just didn't sense any real emotion from Peter in the final scene where Caitlin's brother's body was seen.

In the end, I just felt like this episode didn't really do anything. We already knew Hiro was helping his hero become a legend...why couldn't they have told us how the story is going to hook into the present day? We already knew Matt's dad was untrustworthy and must have a scary power...why couldn't we have gotten more clues on what it was? We already knew Niki was entrusting herself to the Company because she desperately wants to be cured...why couldn't we have found out if they're really trying to help her, or if they're just experimenting on Jessica? We already knew Mohinder was in over his head...why the fuck did we have to see him turn Molly over to the Company even after HRG who knows the Company warned him not to? We already knew Monica was freaked by her power...why can't we see people embrace their power like Sylar but without psychosis? And we already knew Peter made a bad decision by not looking in the box. I feel like I spent an hour treading water.

Sorry for just screaming negativity, but...I looked forward to this episode all week--I honestly could not wait to see what was going to happen--but in a mere 60 minutes I went from "OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR HEROES TO START!!!1!!" to "WTF. Why did I just waste time watching this?" My head wants to explode right now.

Wait a minute--I did enjoy Micah and Monica together. I adore Micah, he's such a cute little man. I wish he were 18 so I could marry him.
25th-Oct-2007 12:47 am (UTC)
I just wanted in to pop in over here and (again) express my (already spoken of all over the place) disgust for this episode. It seems like we are the only two around who watched it and went "Wait. What? This is garbage!" I mean, all of my real-life friends were bored by it, as were yours, so maybe we are some sort of nexus of hatred? I am pretty sure it is in my bottom five episodes, down there with such stinkers as Godsend and (I know this is an unpopular opinion) Company Man.
25th-Oct-2007 02:20 am (UTC)
I do not understand it. I really, really don't see how people could have enjoyed it. So far, my RL respondents include a 30-year-old single guy, a 42-year-old married guy, and two 32-year-old women, from varying ethnic backgrounds, all of whom hated this episode and one of whom vaguely threatened me for getting them interested in the show only to have it serve up "crap like this". And yet there are people online who are squeeing like it involved ponies and ice cream. I really don't know what to think. I almost feel like I SHOULD like the episode, but...I don't. I have a sinking feeling that next week is a make-or-break episode. I'm not saying I'll stop watching it, but if Mohinder continues to absorb Parkman's stupidity and I don't like the way they're handling Sylar's plotline, something inside me may be permanently turned off.

Honestly, overall, I was enjoying this season till 48 hours ago. WTF, Kring? Huh?

Don't tell anyone, but...Company Man is also one of my least favorite episodes, because I am not an HRG fan. I don't hate him...it's just that if I have time to watch an episode of Heroes, I am going to watch one that centers on characters I am a fan of. However, should someone request it, I would be willing to sit down and watch it. This week's ep? It will be a cold day in hell before I watch it again.
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