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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
I am BORED, people. SERIOUSLY. 
3rd-Jul-2007 10:56 am
Detail of 'Yuuwaku' by Audrey Kawasaki

I am just finding it impossible to concentrate at work today. My best friend, likealongforgottendream, got into town for a week-long visit this morning.  I'm having a cookout tomorrow at which Q and Marc will be grilling up lots of goodies (assuming that one of them doesn't kill the other in an attempt to get the grill all to themselves).  And I think that Thursday we'll go out for lunch at a restaurant in St. Louis Park.  Where the waiter at our last visit could have been Zachary Quinto's younger brother.  Not that something like that plays into my choice of lunch venues.  At all.

Can I go home yet?

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