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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
The obligatory Heroes reaction post 
20th-Nov-2007 08:38 pm
Detail of 'Yuuwaku' by Audrey Kawasaki

Overall, I was impressed with this week's episode.  It's no "Parasite" or "Landslide", but it's a hell of a lot better than episodes 5-8 were.  But I'm just going to warn you now: I'm on Mohinder's side.

Mohinder: Actually, I wrote about 2 pages about him, so I'll save that for another post.  In summary: I think HRG sealed his own fate a few episodes ago, when Mohinder demanded to know if he was expendable and HRG couldn't answer him.  I understand that from HRG's perspective, his family takes priority.  But from Mohinder's perspective, they don't.  From Mohinder's perspective, HRG promised he would protect Mohinder as long as he was alive...and has now reneged on that promise.  Mohinder can't trust HRG any more than he can trust the Company...and at least the Company took care of Molly and returned her to Mohinder unharmed, unlike HRG, who tried to murder her just four months ago.

The one thing that utterly infuriates me, though, is...why didn't Mo just tell HRG right at the start about Niki and the mutated virus and the reason he needs Claire's blood?  I hate it when characters have conflicts that could have been avoided or lessened, if only they hadn't withheld info for no good reason.  I think both HRG and Mohinder did stupid things that led them to that point, but I can't blame Mohinder for thinking at that point that not only does he need to preserve the Company so he can use its resources to find a permanent virus vaccine, but also that HRG is about 3 seconds away from becoming a mass murderer, so he'd better shoot first. 

HRG: Speaking of "withholding info for no good reason"...maybe if HRG had just admitted his Odessa trip and shown people the paintings, things would have ended differently.  Instead, he did erratic-appearing things that alienated both Claire and Mohinder, the two prime movers in his storyline.  His "death" pretty much became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Also?  HRG committed the cardinal sin of hesitating.  When you need to get your enemy out of the way...GET THEM OUT OF THE WAY.  Don't just make a monologuish statement and then just stand there and stare at them.  SHOOT!!!  NOW!!!  (See also: "ceilings, being stapled to, exactly what made you think you could out-manipulate the master manipulator?")

Claire:  Dear sweet merciful Jesus, please come back to us and slap that damn snotty sneer off the little brat's face.  I'm to the point of actually wanting the Company to experiment on her, because that appears to be the only way she'll ever understand the danger HRG has tried to protect her from.  I mean...she's whining about how they're "always going to be running".  Well, DUH.  The Company is always going to want to get ahold of you!  What part of that do you not understand?  Do you think your dad was the only employee who kidnapped people and did experiments on them?  Also, am I the only person who thought that Claire really didn't look that upset in her final scene?

Elle: It's not her fault!  She used to be perfectly normal but other people twisted her and made her a psychopath who enjoys murdering people!  I should forgive her and like her!  Nope...not happening.  Also, something I need clarified...I was under the impression that specials were more or less immune to their own powers.  It's why Ted and Sylar could play with their nuclear hands but not get radiation burns, right?  If that's so...why does Elle zap herself when her feet are in water?  I could understand if her ability somehow got short-circuited and she couldn't use it, but if she doesn't normally electrocute herself, I don't think sticking her feet in water should change that.

Parkman: Don't get me started.  No, seriously.  Don't.

The Nakamuras: It's Hiro's turn to be beaten with the stupid stick this week, going back to change his father's death even though he repeatedly messed up with Kensei.  Just...argh.  Papa Nakamura, though, I love: facing down his own death and accepting his destiny, much like Isaac, but with fewer drugs.  "Please give my love to Mother."  Oh, there's no reunions, Hiro.  It's just darkness...oops.  Wait a minute.  Wrong show.  Though the addition of John Barrowman to this cast would definitely improve my mood.  Talk about man-candy.  If JB and ZQ were on screen at the same time, I'm afraid my television would melt.  If Sendhil joined them, it would explode.

What wasn't in this episode: Peter/Adam?  Well, last episode was the only time I found Adam intriguing, so I didn't miss it too much.  (By the way, are they just going to abandon Caitlin in the virus-ridden future?  And what happens to her if they prevent that future from happening?  Does she just disappear from existence altogether?)  Monica/Micah?  I like them, but yet...I don't feel like the story is lacking without them, which is not a good sign.  The Pasbeard?  I'd argue that its absence is NEVER a bad thing; I certainly sleep better without it around.  Sylar?  Well, considering that they had said he was supposed to get shirtless with a simpering moron, I don't consider his absence to be a bad thing.  (And boy, do I hope they heard the fan complaints and cut that entirely.  Even beyond my intense dislike of Maya, I'm very frustrated that the writers seem to think we won't notice blah plots as long as they shove biceps and bare chests in our faces.)

Additional thoughts: Aoyama Cemetery.  I have no idea what 'aoyama' means, but I think that is an absolutely beautiful word.  Now I feel like Tolkein and his "cellar door".

"If you visit me one more time, Parkman, I'm going to expect you to make an honest woman out of me."  THAT IMAGE MADE ME SCREAM IN HORROR SO LOUDLY THE CATS RAN OUT OF THE ROOM.

OH MY GOD I WANT TO MARRY ANGELA PETRELLI.  SHE ROCKS SHE ROCKS SHE ROCKS.  Parkman, if you hurt Angela, I will hunt you down like the piece of trash you are. I do not have profanity enough to express my opinion of you right at this moment.  And then that final montage, where we see Parkman went ahead and found out the woman's name?  What an ass.

Also, when Sylar turned around at Mohinder's desk to welcome him home, I may have once again screamed so loudly that the domesticated mammals fled the room.  Man.  Tim Kring must have joined Russell T. Davies in reading and writing fanfic.
My current cracktastic idea for a cliffhanger ending to this volume, based on a spoiler I heard about Elle's actions: HRG is locked up in Adam's old cell, pacing back and forth.  He hears someone being thrown into Peter's old cell next door, waits for their captors to get out of earshot, then says, "At least they've brought me some company.  So what's your name?"  There's a long silence, and then a voice purrs, "My name is Sylar, Noah.  Tell me...how's Claire?"
(Seriously...would you not love to watch HRG going nuts, thinking about how Sylar has already gotten out of one Company facility and could probably figure a way out of this one if he could access his abilities...but if he could access his abilities, the first thing he'd do would be to kill HRG?) 
21st-Nov-2007 07:09 am (UTC)
But I'm just going to warn you now: I'm on Mohinder's side.
Nice. My own written-but-may-go-unpublished recap has a similar warning. You know some interesting things went down when the pre-cut warnings come into play.

Dear sweet merciful Jesus, please come back to us and slap that damn snotty sneer off the little brat's face.
Is it wrong that I am glad she thinks her dad is dead and that it is her fault? Is it wrong that I hope he stays "dead" to her for at least an episode? Would an answer of "yes" to either of these change my mind? I know for sure that at least one of the answers is "no".

It's not her fault!
Don't ever scare me like that again! In a season where I am thisclose to giving up, the fact that the Elle hate is strong is one of the only things keeping me going. This is the second week in a row they have out things out there to, it seems, deliberately soften the perception of her, but I have to go on her actions. And her actions are those of someone I hate. I am pretty sure this will never change.

No, seriously. Don't.
No? Not on his newfound mastery? Or his ordering around a little girl? Or forcing Angela to break a vow she made to protect a friend? Okay then... ::backs away slowly::

What wasn't in this episode:
I think this is where my main issue lies. There is so little time left that it just felt like spending the lion's share of an episode on one story made no sense. There are so many things that have to be brought to a close in the next 84 minutes of show that I don't know how they can possibly do it, without seriously damaging something... the pacing, the story, something.

Because I refuse to get extra ranty again ( I did that last night and possibly in that unposted post) I will close this one out on a positive note. When I first started watching last season, I was ambivalent on Angela. Then, as the season progressed I started to realize how much I liked her. I remember telling a friend, "I don't know what is up with her, and I cannot explain it, but she is delightfully evil and I love it!" By season's end, she was solidly in my top five. And she is the only member of that group that consistently brings it! The other four often mis-step and leave me wondering, "What were you thinking?" but never Angela. Hmmm... maybe she is my true favorite character.

21st-Nov-2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
You know some interesting things went down when the pre-cut warnings come into play.
What gets me is how quickly people seem to have forgotten HRG's dirty past. I mean, the man spent 14 years kidnapping people--adults and children--experimenting on them, and dumping their bodies like dead dogs if things went wrong. If Claire had been a normal kid without any powers...he'd still be at Primatech Paper, bagging and tagging. It's not like he's some paragon of virtue who got done wrong. I don't care if he was "just trying to protect his family"...how many people did he snatch for experiments whose parents wanted to protect them??? I was going to write about Sylar and the Boring Twins tomorrow, but I may write about this and probably alienate people on my flist but I don't care instead.

Don't ever scare me like that again!
Heh. Yeah, I should have done a voice post so that people could hear the dripping sarcasm. You know, I'm kind of starting to get tired of this trend of introducing Bad Guys and then turning them all into Morally Grey Good Guys. It just seems to happen with every frakking bad character anymore. I have no problem with it happening occasionally. Or, with Angela Petrelli, if it kind of sneaks up on me without my realizing it. But with Elle, they're very obviously pounding us over the head with it. Again: I dislike the character so much that I actually felt bad for Peter for having to tolerate her touch. I mean, at least Sylar has reasons for why he kills people, and won't kill people without a justification. Elle apaprently kills people just for fun. Why am I supposed to hate Sylar but feel sympathy for Elle?

There is so little time left that it just felt like spending the lion's share of an episode on one story made no sense.
I think this is one of my problems, too. I just don't really know what the main story is. Last season we had "Save the Cheerleader" and then we focused on the coming explosion. This year, I'm like, okay...is it the virus? Is it Kensei? How does the Nightmare Man fit into this? Well, that was lame...wait a minute, now we're back on the virus? I don't want to be able to predict the whole plot, but I should feel like each week is building up toward a climax. This year I just feel like I'm having random scenes thrown at me. And I don't like that the showrunners seem to be saying, "Trust us, it'll all be OK in the end." No...it should be okay all along, like it was last season. Either they rushed things too much this season...or they only had one decent season in them.

Oh, man...why am I writing novels today?
21st-Nov-2007 08:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I am kind of wishing that it was somebody, anybody else, that got shot and that did the shooting, because I know that everyone sees all of the Mohinder hate and is like "you're just mad because he shot HRG!" I know some people are, but I'm not. Not any more so than I am mad at anything else he has done this season. And I know that the fact that a character I dislike shot one I do only exacerbates the issue, but it's not the bulk of it.

I was going to write about Sylar and the Boring Twins tomorrow, but I may write about this instead.
Nice! I look forward to it. I was gonna write about the Rogue Roadtrippers too, but I didn't think anyone wanted to hear about that, since my thoughts on it are completely different from everyone else that I know and that will be reading it. I feel like I should do a series of posts titled "Things I Hate/Like That You Don't" or something, to vent about all of the things I have issues with, so it does not seem like I am mad for no reason. I don't know... this has just been a weird season, like I am like one more crap episode from throwing in the towel. But there are only two left, so I will stick around for these two, just so that all of the rest of it will not have been even more of a waste.

trend of introducing Bad Guys and then turning them all into Morally Grey Good Guys.
Yes! The reason I cheer for bad guys is because they are bad guys. Everyone can't be a good guy or a "well, he/she does bad things, but for 'good' reasons" guy. That is not the point, and ends up making everyone less interesting. I mean, they are trying to make Elle seem "good" and Parkman "bad". Really? Why? Keep your sappy good guys out of my clearly-delineated Evil Only area, Heroes!

I don't want to be able to predict the whole plot, but I should feel like each week is building up toward a climax.
Yes! This is my main issue. Maybe I should go ahead an un-"Post just to me" my episode post, because I feel like I am using your comment area to gripe, when I already have an area to unleash my anger without hijacking someone else's place.

Oh, man...why am I writing novels today?
umm, maybe you want to participate in NaNoWriMo?

21st-Nov-2007 08:25 am (UTC)
Yeah, Mohinder definitely got put through the ringer in this episode, and I'm surprised at how much of an effect it's had on me. I'm on his side as well, and it's so frustrating having to read about how Mohinder's basically an idiot, backstabber, and coward, and that he should die, while Noah gets placed on a pedestal higher than many other characters have been. I agree, his death was just as much his own fault as it was Mohinder's, if not more, and I place most of the blame on Noah.

[i]why didn't Mo just tell HRG right at the start about Niki and the mutated virus and the reason he needs Claire's blood?[/i]
Because he's stupid! Just kidding, I have no idea why that wasn't included. However, I don't think that any amount of explanation would have swayed Noah. I could see Mohinder laying it all out to him and being all "dude, it's OK! They released Molly, and they didn't do anything to her", and Noah would STILL be all "....yeah. Claire's still hands off." And they'd be back to Square One. Perhaps it would have made Noah think for a little bit before he decided that he should just kill Bob.

Also? HRG committed the cardinal sin of hesitating.
Ahhh, that's right! I didn't even think about that. I wonder if Mohinder would have still shot him if he had actually done so. I almost wish it would have been Elle instead - even though her arm was injured and it wouldn't have had as much of an emotional impact, cause it was Mo!!!)- especially if Noah had gone ahead and killed her dad. Then there wouldn't be so much unnecessary Mohinder bashing on all the message boards *shakes fist*

Despite the fact that Noah implied that he'd kill Mohinder if he had to, I like that he hesitated for a good long while with Mo. It was an intense scene and I could really see that Noah was wondering if it was always going to be that way for him: shooting all of his partners at one point or another.

Christine Rose keeps bringing her A-game to the show, and I'm glad she's still around. I don't think I'd mind too much if we never find out Kaito's ability, but it would seem kind of suspect if we keep glossing over hers.

Still hate Elle. So I'm guessing she's gonna fondle almost every dude she comes into contact with? What a tired act. It's so obvious that they're going to start making her a good guy already, and it seems way too soon to do that.

why does Elle zap herself when her feet are in water?
Bitch crazy. I don't get why she's not immune to her power either, but I'm willing to let that slide, if only so I can watch her fry for a few more times in the future.

I was glad that Sylar didn't show up, mostly because it would have stunted the quality of the entire episode. Any amount of Saya taking place would have been bad enough, but it would have just been ridiculous to show Sylar seducing Maya in the midst of Hiro mourning over his dad or Noah's world falling apart at the seams.

I don't know if you've completely sworn off spoilers yet, but (this has to do with upcoming Saya) Wrongda says that "they'll hook up, he'll do bad things, it will be over before it even began and we'll have less of a chance of more Zachary Quinto shirtless. Hmph." I just hope that the "bad things" refer to him killing Al instead of trying to force Maya into doing sexual things, or killing a bunch of innocent people to test out her power. She doesn't seem too averse to hooking up with him, and I don't think he'll try anything with her after Al's death.

I love the way Sylar's all jovial in the promo, their upcoming reunion makes me so giddy. I think I'm falling in love with this show again :)

LMAO at your crackastic cliffhanger idea. That would be awesome beyond words.
21st-Nov-2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
I haven't trolled around much because of lack of time, and I'm actually quite glad, because I know I'd get angry at the Mohinder abuse. But then, I've always had an issue with how quickly everyone forgave HRG for everything he did at Primatech. I don't care if he's "just trying to protect precious widdle ClaireBear". Don't you guys think that the parents of all the people he abducted and experimented on for years probably wanted to protect them, too? Argh. I'm about to keep repeating the same rant over and over. I think Mohinder's made some bad decisions this season, but he certainly hasn't done anything to make me think he's evil. Maybe HRG's defenders should go talk to Claude about whether or not HRG deserved that shot...

"Over before it even began" is the best fucking thing I've heard about that damn plotline. I just...now I'm about to deliver my rant about the twins. But I don't understand how people can find anything even vaguely romantic in that situation: Sylar has said he's going to kill her! To me, wanting to see a woman have sex with her murderer is creepy. If you truly like Maya, you should want her to get the hell away from Sylar ASAP, not want her to get naked with him. I mean, I'd like to see Sylar half-naked too, but with the way he's manipulated Maya, the two of them together would feel like borderline rape and I don't want to see that. (And of course, now Saya supporters are starting to accuse people who want Maya gone of being racist and misogynistic. Which I find absolutely hilarious, because the nastiest anti-Maya comments I've heard have come from an Hispanic woman.)
21st-Nov-2007 09:28 pm (UTC)
I've always had an issue with how quickly everyone forgave HRG for everything he did at Primatech.
ITA. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle in defending the poor doctor with most fans, but it seems like the most popular anti-Mohinder argument is that he turned on his partner. And you're absolutely right: HRG has turned on his partners as well, and then some. He did abduct people and it didn't seem to bother him until it crossed over into his personal life, and it infuriates me that people can't see past that. They can fault Mohinder for making mistakes, being a rookie, and shooting Bennet who apparently can do no wrong. They also like to disregard the fact that Mohinder has saved lives and wasn't abducting children like HRG did, which just screams mindless character worship to me. I don't overlook or condone any of Sylar's murders, nor do I credit him for just being a badass - his story is different, but not by much, as Claire is HRG's only saving grace. As far as I'm concerned, if Elle or HRG can get redemption arcs and become saints in the process, then Mohinder should be able to have one as well, not get killed off or instantly written off as evil because he killed the fan favorite.

As for Sylar/Maya, I'm also glad that their ship will burn out, but it still bothers me that there just had to be a ship in the first place . They could have had Maya hero-worshipping Sylar and him pretending to be her savior without the unnecessary addition of romance. They could have gone in so many different directions with the Sylar y twins dynamic, and of course they picked the easiest, most obvious one. And as for the fan reaction, it bothers me that so many people are all for seeing Sylar fuck or kiss Maya and then kill her afterwards. The misogynistic implication is apparent in that kind of fantasy, IMO, yet I also find it odd that Saya shippers - or fans of the Twins in general - are starting to pull the race card. And if people who can identify with the twins based on race or nationality, like your friend, but still dislike their character development, then that - to me - shows that race is not an issue here; it's the lack of gravitas and engaging storytelling.
22nd-Nov-2007 03:36 am (UTC)
I don't overlook or condone any of Sylar's murders, nor do I credit him for just being a badass - his story is different, but not by much, as Claire is HRG's only saving grace.
I pissed some people off during season 1 by pointing this out. But seriously...HRG spent YEARS kidnapping people, experimenting on them, dumping their bodies if they died, and some things have been said that have made me think that if he thought they had potential to be evil, he may even have ordered their deaths. The only reason he stopped is because of Claire. Period. He didn't stop doing it because he realized it was wrong...he only stopped because what he had done to others was about to be visited on someone he cared about. That's a selfish reason to stop. To me, that puts him on pretty much the same moral level as Sylar, who killed people so he could selfishly take abilities he wanted.

It just irritates me that people will forget the bad things HRG has done and just huggle him because he wuvs his ClaireBear, while screaming that Sylar is evil and doesn't deserve a similar chance to redeem himself. (Admittedly, the writers apparently agree with those fans...)
21st-Nov-2007 11:02 am (UTC)
I don't know how anyone COULDN'T be on Mohinder's side after that wounded terrified puppy look he gave Bennett when he was on his knees and cupping his nose like that. If he'd have been like that in front of me I would have given him anything. My life savings. My grandmother. ANYTHING.
21st-Nov-2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
I know. And I admit my Mohinder love, which has grown stronger in Sylar's absence, is clouding my judgement. But HRG has done some horrible, horrible things. I wonder if part of why he hesitated before shooting was that he saw his younger self in Mohinder. After all, Mohinder is idealistically doing something wrong for what he believes are right reasons. HRG admitted this episode that that's why he was willing to abduct and experiment on people. I can't really feel that bad for HRG, when he ended up in this position because of his own actions. And yes, Mohinder ended up in this same position because of his own bad choices...but at that point if I were Mo, I would be thinking "HRG is going to kill us all" and I would have shot him too before he had the chance to shoot me.

Don't hit Mohinder in his broken nose and then kick him into a car. That's all I'm saying. Had I been there and seen that look on his face, I would totally have jumped in between him and HRG. (Also...I love to talk about the similarities between Sylar and Mohinder. We've now seen that both of them, when a gun is shoved in their face, will stare down the person threatening to kill them.)

Also, your icon is very distracting. As is the thought of Mohinder down on his knees. But that's a subject for a different kind of post...
21st-Nov-2007 12:32 pm (UTC)
I know! She's the awesomest awesome ever. I want to have a big polygamous relationship with her and her sons.

Cristine Rose just rules all, ever, ever. Did you ever watch that interview she did? She was talking about her TV sons and she said "MY HEART BE STILL"!!!!
21st-Nov-2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
Angela is just a perfect example of the right way to carefully make a villain sympathetic. I've never been a Peter fan, but still her patronizing attitude toward him always bugged me, and I didn't like how she manipulated the whole family. I still don't trust her...but yet instead of disliking her, I now somehow find her badass and admire her cool nerve. I don't know how that snuck up on me, but I'm happy about it.
21st-Nov-2007 07:49 pm (UTC)

You will have to fight me, because seriously, I love that woman. Her performances are incredible. Last week, there was the creepy shiz with Heidi, and then that this week. Why is it that all the morally grey characters on this show are my favourites? (HRG, Adam...)

Also, when Sylar turned around at Mohinder's desk to welcome him home, I may have once again screamed so loudly that the domesticated mammals fled the room

You and me both. Mylar's way down my list of HoYay shipping, but I pretty much crapped myself when I saw that. It just looked....so, so very hot. I mean, "Welcome home, Dr Suresh." I have watched that promo, like, 50 times. I am so ready for EVIL SEXYTIME.
22nd-Nov-2007 12:27 am (UTC)
I've always been "eh" with Angela before now. She was highly intelligent but untrustworthy, and I didn't hate her, but I didn't like her, either. But these last couple of episodes...I think it's the inner dignity that's coming out, despite everything that she's lost in the last 10 months. The fact that she'll take the fall for a murder she didn't commit to protect not only her own children and grandchildren, but ALL the specials, from discovery. I'm suddenly liking her. A lot. Though it doesn't hurt that she's going up against creepy jerkwad Parkman, who continues to find new ways to make me want to kill him. AS I said to someone else, I don't like Peter, but at least I can trust Peter not to order me to eat the rest of my cereal just to see if he can do it. Grrr.

I have watched that promo, like, 50 times. I am so ready for EVIL SEXYTIME.
I initially resisted the Mylar, but considering that Sylar has always been my favorite character, and Mohinder is my second-favorite, and I loved watching the two of them together even before the Hot Sexy Torture by Tuning Fork, which, did they honestly have no idea how hot that was going to look?...um...sorry, distracted myself there...I was pretty much destined to give in to the ship. I was actually hoping Mohinder would walk in and be totally surprised by Sylar, but based on the way he bursts into his apartment, I'm guessing he already knows Sylar is there. But, hey, I'll take whatever I can get. Mmmm...Sylar...mmmm...Mohinder...
21st-Nov-2007 09:26 pm (UTC) - The word of the day is: BLAH!
As much as I was all "NOOOOO!!!" when HRG got shot (even though I'd seen the promo where he's waking up the Company room so I knew he'd be alive soon) I absolutely do NOT understand all the Mohinder hate out there. Not one little bit. What the hell did people THINK was going to happen?! it wasn't like that shot came out of no where! Bennet had kicked him around enough to push him toward Bob, so naturally Mohinder would act rather than let HRG just execute Bob. Gah. Poor Momo! I think we should all send him huge snuggles.

I mean, I love Noah too, but really really REALLY did these people not see the shot in the vehicle at the end where Mohinder's looking over his gun?! Could they not see how obviously upset he was over what he'd done?! BLAH! *needs to calm down like...nooow*

And...seriously...fuck...I've never ever hated Matt Parkman until this episode. I absolutely LOATHED him after what he'd done to Angela! When he first did it to Molly I was all "What the FUCK, Matt?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?!" and after he freaked a bit I was like "Good. Learn from that and never do it again!!" But then...then...BLAH! I want Nathan to come up and beat the ever loving shit out of Matt for what he forced Angela to do. Asshole!

I actually liked the Hiro storyline this week because we got some genuine growth from him at the end. He started off the same ol' Hiro that I've been wanting to hit with something all season...but then he matured by the end! (Maturity? Hiro? And to make matters worse, I actually LIKED West this episode! I'm convinced that Hell's frozen over somethin' fierce) Not to mention that I just loved the little kid that played wee!Hiro so much! I thought he was absolutely adorable!

(By the way, are they just going to abandon Caitlin in the virus-ridden future? And what happens to her if they prevent that future from happening? Does she just disappear from existence altogether?)

That's been bugging me ever since we last saw Caitlin. I would seriously hate to think that Peter just decided to leave her there like that. But...it kinda looks that way. *adds that to her list of Reasons Why One Should Never Date Peter Petrelli*
22nd-Nov-2007 12:09 am (UTC) - Re: The word of the day is: BLAH!
I mean, I love Noah too
Yes, I like HRG too, but I've never forgotten what he did as a willing Primatech employee. And I've never forgotten about CLAUDE. Remember Claude, everyone? He was Noah's PARTNER. And Noah SHOT HIM. Huh. Have you guys ever heard of this little thing called KARMA?...

And seriously, that has bugged me about Caitlin ever since the episode where she was dragged away from Peter. I am not a Caitlin fan--I might have liked her if they'd gotten an actress who could do an actual Irish accent--but I don't hate her, either, and I just keep wondering whether Peter's going to go back for her. That's the problem with the way the stories have been presented this season: I feel like it's been forever since she got left in the future and Peter's not caring about her. But then I stop and think about Peter's storyline, and realize that no, he came back to the present day, met Adam, got his memory back and Adam asked if he wants to save the world. But yet...it feels like forever!
22nd-Nov-2007 06:55 am (UTC) - Re: The word of the day is: BLAH!
I was always kind of ambivalent toward Caitlyn, since I was irritated by all the sudden influx of romance in general this season, and when I realized that Peter probably wasn't going to make it back to the future (hee) to rescue her, I just laughed. I mean, how unimportant does a character have to be for the writers to get rid of her by simply leaving her in an alternate future?
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