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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
11th-Jan-2008 09:05 pm
Moonlight - Beth

Sophia Myles is made of awesome.  (So is Alex O'Loughlin's upper body.)  That is all.

No, it isn't.  I work in medical research.  I've watched open heart surgery.  I can talk about femoral artery punctures and groin hematomas without batting an eye.  Josh's stomach bullet wound that was seeping blood tonight?  That...that fucking FREAKED ME OUT.  That is possibly the most realistic, and therefore most disturbing, special effect I've seen on TV all season.

I think it's official: I am indeed going to miss Moonlight more than Heroes during the writer's strike hiatus.  Think long and hard before you get condescending with your viewers again, Tim Kring.

12th-Jan-2008 06:02 am (UTC)
Think long and hard before you get condescending with your viewers again, Tim Kring.

WORD. *is still pissed off*
12th-Jan-2008 06:53 am (UTC)
Tonight's Moonlight led me, through a chain of thoughts, to get irritated with Tim Kring's recurring attitude problems all over again. The production staff on Heroes, particularly Greg Beeman, seems to love to toot their own horns. Which is perfectly fine and they're allowed to...but they increasingly seem to believe that their show is so wonderful that anything they do on it must be amazing and original and wonderful, and then they're confused when fans don't completely agree with them.

IMO, the special effects of Josh's injuries tonight were far more astounding and emotionally affective than anything that Heroes has done this season. It was more interesting than the healing-flesh-spitting-out-bullets thing, which we saw multiple times; when it happened with Maya, I yelled an MST3K line at the TV: "They paid for that special effect and they're a-gonna get their money's worth outta it!". And the Black Tears of Death? Dude, those are pretty much the demon eyes from Supernatural. And I think Supernatural used those black eyes last year. So...they used and re-used a special effect taken from a CW show.

There's nothing wrong with not being 100% original, if you're telling an interesting story in an interesting way. But again, I feel increasingly like the production staff has drunk their own Kool-Aid. That's how Tim Kring ends up telling fans that any dissatisfaction they feel is their own problem and he's going to have to teach them how to watch the show. Tell me a story, Tim. Tell me an interesting story and make me care about the people involved in it, and I'll love you. But if you start just stringing together a bunch of comic book cliches and blowing shit up and having all the characters miraculously survive against all odds (I'm sorry, I have nothing against Niki, but if she survives that explosion/fire, that is BULLSHIT)...well, there's not much in there to compel me to watch.

Here's where character development is important. Tonight, as soon as I knew Josh was going to be shot, I also knew that he'd end up being on the verge of death and that Beth would then beg Mick the vampire to turn him, so that she wouldn't entirely lose him. But yet I was so wrapped up in the characters' pain and fear and desperation that even though I predicted the last 15 minutes to a T, the fact that it was predictable didn't detract from my enjoyment. Someone needs to remind Tim Kring that character development is far more important to a show than just being "bigger and badder than ever before".

[/end moping]
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