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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
Random thoughts for January 13th 
13th-Jan-2008 12:49 pm
Detail of 'Yuuwaku' by Audrey Kawasaki

Well, I finally am having my Weekend of Doing Absolutely Nothing, which I've been wanting since Hallowe'en, and it's going quite relaxingly.  Except that no one is online to chat with.  How dare you all decide to go out and have real lives, on the weekend that I am actually around?  Huh?

Of course, I may not be having much of a real life for a while, as I turned down three separate invitations to Do Things this weekend and may have irritated some people.  But, man...I really needed a couple of days of doing nothing.  And when I woke up sick on Friday morning, I decided that the time was definitely here.  I have only been outside of the house once since Thursday night...and it feels good.  (And yes, I realize that it's easy to stay inside for three days when the temperature outside is 19 degrees.  Don't harsh my buzz of lazy relaxation, man.)

Unfortunately, my one trip outside of the house involved...Ikea.  That place needs to be destroyed for the good of mankind.  I went in intending to buy some more of those translucent glass plates - my main set of plates has this purple/blue/green checked pattern, and the purple, blue and green plates at Ikea perfectly match it.  However, every time I went, they would be out of the blue plates and bowls.  They did finally have them in stock this weekend.  However, they also had in stock some little palm plants with long curly leaves...and that big stock pot that I've wanted to buy for over a year...and purple rag rugs that will look nice on my front porch...and the Christmas decorations were 70% off!  At any rate, I ended up spending the Christmas money I should have used to pay bills, on a cartful of lovely things from Ikea.  I want to, like, take pictures of my new things, they warm my heart so.

(Sadly, proving that Heroes is inescapable: as I was putting the dishes into my cart, it occurred to me that neither Sylar nor Mohinder would approve of my choices.  Sylar would point out that there were some perfecly good black dishes that I totally ignored.  Mo would disapprove of the fact that the dishes matched.)

I used the last of the Christmas money to order breakfast...lunch...whatever...from Pizza Luce, and that has just arrived, so I am off to eat it while playing another game of Civ IV.  (The one I played yesterday, I made the mistake of having too large of a world.  Everyone had plenty of room to expand, so no one started any wars.  Booooooring.)

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