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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
Tonight's text message conversation of horror 
15th-Jan-2008 02:02 am
Detail of 'Yuuwaku' by Audrey Kawasaki
Tonight, I worked until nearly 10 pm just because I was at work and it was quiet and I was actually accomplishing things.  And then I came home and (if you are a guy, you should probably stop reading now) because the meds were having no effect on my cramps and it had been almost 4 hours since I had taken them, I used a different kind of painkiller.  My grandmother, great-grandmother and great-aunts are right: a couple of glasses of wine will do more to relieve them than a Tylenol 3 does, and with less damage to your liver.  (Well, they drank whiskey, but you get the idea.)

At any rate, after I finished dinner around 11 pm, I ended up having the following text message conversation with my best friend:

held_enthrall : I hung up the pics of Sendhil you gave me. Zena has tried for 2 days to get them off the wall. She thinks they are her shiny new toy.
forsquilis : Geez. Even Zena wants to lick his face.
held_enthrall : Zena has good taste even though she spent her formative years with Miriam.
forsquilis : Dude, it was more like a formative 4 months.
held_enthrall : Yeah, but cats have a different time clock. Me encanta Mohinder. Mohinder is hot. Mmmm Mohinder. That would be the best episode of Heroes. Sylar fighting with his cat over who gets to lick Mohinder.
forsquilis : Sylar has a fish, not a cat. Besides, I think he is allergic to them. That's my own personal canon. I just made it up.
held_enthrall : That's because you are on crack. He can argue with Mr. Muggles, then.
forsquilis : Not even Sylar wants to argue with Mr. Muggles. He'll cut you.
held_enthrall : He would do it for Mohinder. He can distract Mr. Muggles with Claire's toe. She can always grow another one.
forsquilis : Now I completely want to see crack fic where this happens. Sylar would tell her she's got nothing to complain about, since it's not like he's cutting off her head or anything. Mr. Muggles would say, "You're wasting time, psycho! And I want one of her juicy big toes this time!"
held_enthrall : And Claire would whine while she is TK'd to the wall. Sylar would take the toe and put it into Mohinder's tea. Mo would freak out and Sylar could 'comfort' him.
forsquilis : Also? Sylar would totally blame Mr. Muggles for the toe.
held_enthrall : Mo would give the toe a shot of Adam's blood and it would be his assistant. It would live in the clicky box.
forsquilis : Kind of like Thing! Only more annoying. It is Claire, after all.
held_enthrall : Yep. I think Mr. Muggles has laser eyes. Or eyes like Hypno Frog.
forsquilis : Mr. Muggles will one day take over the world. Resistance is futile.

Also, while doing this, I took a survey that popped up when I went to TWoP.  When I lived briefly in Buffalo after college, I worked for a survey company, and the horrors of that have predisposed me towards cooperating with surveys.  However, after I filled out the page asking what cable channels I regularly watch and then read it more closely, I was rather stunned by the answers I gave.  I mean, I know my viewing habits are unusual, but it takes something like this to make me realize just how different they are from most of the females I know.  I SWEAR, I AM NOT A GUY!!!!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch Attack of the Show or Cops or whatever G4 is airing right now.  Because, you know, it is OKAY for a girl to watch that kind of thing.  Adam Sessler is TOTALLY hot, in a Seth Rogan sort of way!  Quit looking at me like that!
15th-Jan-2008 08:49 am (UTC)
Your friend knows about the clicky box? o_o

Also? My casual viewing habits totally coincide with yours. (Except I watch more HBO, because... we get that channel). When I was a kid, my favorite channel was the Discovery Channel. I owned several nature documentaries (my favorites were National Geographic's lions and their beavers one), and I'd watch them again. And again. And again. And then Mom 2 raised me on Indiana Jones and Star Wars and Alien, so... I have odd tastes, I think.
15th-Jan-2008 09:22 am (UTC)
Your friend knows about the clicky box? o_o
My friend knows everythiiiiiiing. She's like Angela Petrelli. But even scarier, when she's angry. On the flip side of knowing everythiiiiiiing, though, she's very good at reading tarot cards.

I can't justify the cost of the pay channels - I've had promo deals on them a few times, and barely ever watched them, not even the original series. (Except for The Chris Isaak Show. I wish they'd put that out on DVD.) Oooh! Nature documentaries! We used to watch those a lot too. And in recent years, for some twisted reason, I've gotten into shows like "Trauma: Life in the ER". But then, I work in medical research, so that's probably the attraction.

My family is actually very s.f.-oriented, though we don't look like it on the surface. I'm old enough that I watched ST: The Next Generation when it first came out, and that was how I learned that my dad loved Trek. My brother and I grew up watching things like Doctor Who and Blake's 7 on PBS. He still watches Smallville religiously and had a subscription to The Incredible Hulk clear through college, and any time I visit my parents, I know I'm going to end up watching Sci Fi Channel several nights. It's kind of like sports: I've met a number of guys whose faces just lit up when they find out that I knew something about science fiction. I keep saying that if I want another boyfriend, I need to just start going to conventions and chatting to guys there.
15th-Jan-2008 10:43 am (UTC)
Why is Turner Classic Movies not on there? When I was home for the holidays, I pretty much watched TCM nonstop, except when Project Runway was on. Sometimes I really wonder what my life would be like if I had been born a guy.

My grandmother, great-grandmother and great-aunts are right: a couple of glasses of wine will do more to relieve them than a Tylenol 3 does, and with less damage to your liver.

I'm a strictly-ibuprofen kind of girl (although I've taken Aleve twice with good results), so I have no idea what Tylenol 3 is. (::Googles. Codeine, huh?::) But hitting the sauce sounds good--once I happened to go out and get buzzed the night before I got my period, and had zero cramps the next day. But I hardly ever drink more than part of a beer, so I haven't really had the chance to test it further.
15th-Jan-2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
I was trying to figure out the rhyme and reason behind which channels were chosen for that survey, myself. It was sponsored by NBC (the initial popup window had their logo on it) and I'm curious as to how many of the channels mentioned are a part of the same corporate group as NBC, and how many are competitors. (Of course, I have an acquaintance who would patiently explain that they're not really "competitors", as all media are owned by the Illuminati...but that's an entirely different subject.)

once I happened to go out and get buzzed the night before I got my period, and had zero cramps the next day.
I never know from month to month whether I'm going to have them, but when I do, they're awful. A college professor of mine used to talk about his Scandinavian grandmother drinking gin for them, and then a few years ago, my grandmother (the youngest of 5 sisters) told me that it used to be her job to carry the whiskey bottle from bedroom to bedroom for her mother and sisters. So finally one day I tried it, and it worked better than painkillers. I think it's because it relaxes you too, which means less stress feeding into the feeling of pain. Of course, you can't do it at work, but I'd rather come home and drink a glass and a half of wine and get a little goofy, than take a fistful of pills and huddle on the bed wondering if/when they'll kick in.
15th-Jan-2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
Oh, that entire conversation was hilarious!! I love how Claire's severed toe kicked off the cracky scenario :D

I used to put on G4 once in awhile in the background, I like it when they review video games that I'll never end up playing. It's always hilarious whenever they give the thumbs down and they totally rip the games apart. And that survey totally made me realize that I don't even really watch TV anymore; LJ has basically taken over all of my free time :P

Attack of the Show?... *wanders off to look it up*
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