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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
A fandom question about Sylar 
12th-Feb-2008 12:37 pm
Sylar hero
So. I was writing a comment on one of barhaven 's posts and I realized something that I don't recall ever discussing before (if I have discussed it and forgotten about it, or if other people have, can you point it out to me just so I'll know?).

barhaven and I both wrote alternate takes on Sylar's storyline this season, but I realized that there's one plot point that neither one of us addressed, and the show didn't either. From Sylar's P.O.V., his last memory is passing out on the concrete of Kirby Plaza after flinging Hiro through the air and laughing as Peter stood there, about to explode. Then he woke up on the beach with Candice. So as far as Sylar knows, based on the visions he painted of the future, and based on seeing Peter glowing and losing it, New York should be destroyed. Correct?

The fact that he survived wouldn't be a tip-off that New York was all right, since he has that same nuclear ability and could have inferred (or seen in his vision) that Peter's use of the ability wouldn't physically harm him. Even when Candice says that she dragged him off Kirby Plaza, he'd never seen her before, and for all he knows, she was flown in from outside the city and was wearing a radiation suit when she did it.

So when the Twins and their redshirt pick him up...why does he tell them he's going home to New York? Maybe he just had no idea what else to do and decided that if he had to live a sad pathetic powerless life, he might as well do it in the ruins of the only place he ever called home. But shouldn't he, at this point, think that New York is a smoking crater? So shouldn't he be a little surprised when no one in the car asks him why he's going back to a smoking crater?

And when Maya shows him the book and he perks up, my read of that has always been that he realized Mohinder's continuing research might help him get his powers back. But Mohinder was right there at ground zero at the moment that Sylar thinks Peter exploded. Even though Sylar was concentrated on Peter, he was on his toes enough to stop Parkman's bullets. So surely he would have noticed five people bursting out of a door near Parkman's moaning form, and he's spent enough time with Mohinder that it would be easy to identify him in that group even without superhearing.  So shouldn't Sylar think that Mohinder is dead and his research was incinerated?

I'm probably way overthinking this, especially since it took me 5 months to realize the potential inconsistency. But now that I've thought of it, I can't get my brain to stop wondering about it. 

12th-Feb-2008 10:56 pm (UTC)
there were some newspapers and magazines in the Love Shack

Oh, man. Just when I think Sylar's storyline this season couldn't be any creepier, I'm now grappling with the image of him lying there unconscious while Candice fondles his hair... ;0)

Or we could just accept that the writers tend to be annoyingly sloppy and decide it gives us lots of wiggle room for writing fic.

I just have my moments when the questions get overwhelming and I want answers NOW. Mainly because I don't want to contemplate the writers being sloppy, because that opens up the possiblity that Volume 3 will just be a big sloppy contradictory mess. I shall try reciting this as my mantra...
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