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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
Is this a good thing or a bad thing? 
26th-Feb-2008 10:15 pm
Jericho Jake's eye
(1) Jericho has somehow become totally fucking awesome. Like, last season, it was just a guilty pleasure. But this season? I don't think a single episode of Heroes set me off like tonight's Jericho did. Not even "Powerless". And speaking of "Powerless"...

(2) Tonight's episode of Jericho featured an Indian doctor giving an injection to the tortured antihero by shoving a needle into his arm rather violently. Seriously. No, seriously. I wish I'd recorded this episode so that I could get screencaps to show all y'all, since I know that only about 3 other people in the US watched tonight's episode. Okay, so the situation is a little different - Jake actually feels bad about the people he killed, and Kenchy has a tendency to be cowardly when he's not drunk, and there wasn't really any eyefucking (I think - I was busy choking on my drink) - but still.

(3) Did I mention that Hawkins is made of freaking awesome? (Actually, that's definitely a good thing.) He's just made of awesome, people. As is Major Beck, who is oh so freaking definitely a match for him. And speaking of Major Beck...

(4) All the new characters they're introduced on Jericho, unlike the new characters on Heroes this season, freaking rock. You like the ones you're supposed to like, and you hate the ones you're supposed to hate, and yet nothing is 100% set in stone (look, I hate that Ravenwood douchebag too, but you can't blame him for twisting the knife in Jake by mentioning that dead Iraqi girl, and okay he's not exactly a new character but I didn't think they'd actually bring him back), and they all work, and they all feel essential to the plot.  And that leads me to a thesis I have been nurturing over the past week, which is...

(5) Heroes needs to take a page from Jericho's playbook. Yeah. You heard me. Instead of being a sprawling epic taking place in multiple states, Jericho was forced to jettison 2/3 of its plot.  And with that narrower focus, it's actually gotten exciting.  Kring? Purchase a clue now, while you still have time.  Because Jake Green is starting to look really good to me.

(6) Also? Angela Petrelli was just trying to nuke New York.  Valente nuked NORTH KOREA AND IRAN.  There is officially someone out there who scares me more than Angela.

27th-Feb-2008 05:29 am (UTC)
Oh man! I want to comment so badly, but I am afraid to read lest I be spoiled! So, instead I skimmed! But, I will just say that I am almost caught up (I have 2 more eps to watch to wrap up season 1. I will be taking care of that shortly.) but so far I am really liking it and have no idea why I did not watch all along. (Plus, the show gets bonus points for eliminating almost every character I hate. There are only two left, one of which I am sure is 100% safe, but the other one.. oh man, I hate that guy! Worst newly-elected mayor ever!) I think it may have something to do with the show being on CBS. I don't really watch any CBS, so I never hear about it.

Also, Hawkins? Yes! I am pretty sure that no matter what anyone else on this show ever does, they will never even approach half of his pure, unadulterated awesomeness. I mean, he had me when he stopped his mission to go and grab the (annoying) wife and (slightly less annoying) kids. Okay, he had me before that, but that was nice too. I am considering a DVD purchase, as I must spread the Word of Hawkins to others. Seriously, he is that good.

27th-Feb-2008 05:40 am (UTC)
Mmmm...even if you'd read it closely, I don't think it really would have spoiled you. But that's OK, because I think the episodes are all up on CBS.com, so as soon as you finish S1, you can catch up!

I tried watching this show last year and hated it. Then my BFF said, "Look, watch it with an eye for the comedy, because there are a lot of stupid people to laugh at." And I realized she was right - Jericho seems to have a very high percentage of people who were probably still eating paste in the sixth grade. But then? I realized just how awesome Hawkins is. I mean...oh, man. He is the voice of reason. And of awesomeness. And then I realized Jake is fairly awesome, too, when he isn't emo-ing like Peter Petrelli. (Hawkins is good at talking him down from that in S2, though.) And now, frankly, I was excited about this season just for Hawkins' sake.

Seriously, though...the writing staff of Heroes honestly needs to take a page from the way Jericho's season has been laid out. Cut out the extra crap and focus tightly on a half-dozen awesome characters. I mean, I am supposed to be writing a review of this episode, but I cannot, because I am so freaking keyed up that my review would basically just consist of the word "AWESOME" repeated over and over and over again.

My BFF is currently flooding me with texts because she's very concerned that I may be on the verge of abandoning Sylar and getting a new TV boyfriend from Jericho.

(I continue to have a lack of Hawkins icons! That is most definitely NOT awesome.)
28th-Feb-2008 12:03 am (UTC)
I'm so totally with you on this - except I think Jericho was amazing last season, not just this one. I mean, there were definitely a bunch of episodes that were like ".....what" but the run at the very beginning of the season and the very end of the season were absolutely perfect.

And, y'know, I was really afraid second season Jericho would pull a Heroes on me, widen its scope a little too much, freak out, and totally bomb. But I'm consistently surprised and excited by these episodes. Things are happening fast, they're happening all over the place, they're TOTALLY AWESOME, and Hawkins has the biggest balls on the planet.

Also, I like Major Beck.

I could totally see Jake/Kenchy last season - that moment when April is on the operating table, and Jake and Kenchy are alone, outside, and Kenchy says "She is going to die", completely hopeless, and Jake returns it with an equally strong "I know". Right then, I wanted to write something about them.
28th-Feb-2008 02:13 am (UTC)
"Jericho" this year is impressing me more than it did during it's first season. I wonder if one of the reasons it feels tighter and better put together (character wise and plot pacing wise) is that they were given a limited reprieve and really had learn to write a much more concise story. It's speculation on my part but I wonder how much of this would have come true had it not been cancelled at the end of last season and instead get picked up for a full season. The only thing I'm still uncertain about regarding "Jericho" is the writing for some of the female characters...it's still quite limited and more often than not they feel like accessories (although a few have showed they can be significant motivators within the larger story).

It makes me think of "Lost" in that, for me personally, this season has already felt full steam ahead and (even with tons of questions still in the air) I'm totally digging it...and I wonder if part of that is once the writers/creators knew what the end point is they can actually plan the story arc episodes accordingly...instead of feeling they have to stretch things out for indeterminate amounts of time. Of course this could all derail by the next episode but for now it's working quite nicely :^)

Keeping this in mind I have hopes that "Heroes" can get back into gear for Volume III. For the missteps in Volume II there is still a lot of potential...a lot of issues can easily be fixed. Now, whether the writers learn from Volume II or not -- that remains to be seen.
28th-Feb-2008 04:59 am (UTC)
Hmmm, I might give Jericho a try then. I didn't love the characters instantly like I did with Torchwood or Heroes but it is sounding good this year.

I agree about Heroes, I'm glad that Kring realizes he needs to focus on a few characters a time and we need to see that in volume three. Obviously, this has done wonders for Jericho and hopefully the same will happen for Heroes.
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