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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
I wish for snow. And some insanity. 
21st-Jul-2007 08:54 pm
Detail of 'Yuuwaku' by Audrey Kawasaki
I have this new hat that I bought at the Craftstravaganza in St. Paul a couple of months ago.  And it just keeps staring at me, begging me to wear it.  It says to me, "Aren't I cute and special and lovely?  Don't you like me?  Your friends all liked me, and told me you should buy me even though you really couldn't afford me."

And I say to it, "Yes, but you are made of wool and it is 87 degrees outside today."

However, the hat is beginning to wear me down.  So I have taken a picture of it to appease it.  I'm trying to make it understand that it has to wait another 75 days before it gets cold enough that I can wear it, but it still sits there, muttering at me.

So, to try to distract myself from the hat's continuing and unhealthy influence, I was leafing through my notebooks.  The writing group I go to on Saturday mornings is a lot of fun, but sometimes people say some...odd...things.  And now I am passing them on here.

* * * * * * * * *

"The prompt is, 'I just have different beliefs comma that's all'.  <pause>  Don't write the word 'comma', just insert a comma in the sentence."

"I love raisanettes.  They're fat-free, they're tasty and they cleanse my colon."

"He's a leper, but he gives good back rubs."

"You camp in the Boundary Waters?  Are you one of those people who pack out their poop?  I don't need all the details."

"I do offer yoga instruction in people's homes, for an extra fee.  One of my clients, a dominatrix, lives in this beautiful-"
"What?....she's a what?"
"A dominatrix."
"And...you know this how?"
"One day she suddenly said, 'Oh--I lost track of time!  Just a moment' and ran upstairs.  When she came back down, she explained that she had a client tied up in the dungeon in the attic and was supposed to go up and change his position after a certain amount of time."

"Nothing like a good mauling to clear out the forest and let us get back to doing what we do best."
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