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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
I really suck at life, you know that? 
4th-Mar-2008 12:10 pm
404 - cockroaches
So I had an extended conversation via email with Chris last week about setting up another euchre night. And Saturday while eating lunch, I finally hammered out a date and a place with her. And I said I'd set up the meetup and send out the invitation emails.

Did I do it right then? No.

Did I remember to do it that night when I got home? No.

Did I remember to do it Sunday? No.

Did I remember to do it yesterday? No.

God only knows that else I have managed to completely fail on, in the last few days. And today is so busy at work... I had plans for tonight but I clearly need to go home, retrace my mental steps and try to figure out if there's anything else I've screwed up, and fix it ASAP.

ETA: Of course, Chainlighting knows exactly what to say to cheer me up... 

5th-Mar-2008 05:26 am (UTC)
I have not yet mastered the "email reply to a LJ comment" thing, so now I am in an unrelated post saying "Wait. Where did the Jericho post go?"
5th-Mar-2008 05:37 am (UTC)
I locked it before someone got genuinely mad at me for posting a spoiler. It was quicker than modifying it, and I am writing an actual review of the episode for the website right now, so I figured I should just put my thoughts into it.

I wasn't really thinking: I tend to mentally operate under the TWoP standards, which is that until the episode airs in the Eastern timezone, you are dead if you talk about spoilers...but once it's aired, you can talk about it all you want. Plus there are only like 3 people on my flist who watch it and I figured they'd all have been glued to their TVs like I was.

At any rate...one of the previews last week included a scene with Mimi, Stanley's fiancee, that is going to be in NEXT week's episode, so I knew she was going to get hurt. But I really, truly had no idea that the rest of that scene was going to go down that way. In retrospect, I should have seen it coming, after all the talk of "family family family we have no one else family family you are my family now and we love each other so so much". I should have known they were being set up for a fall.

This is why I really, really, really need to try to stay unspoiled for the next season of Heroes. This episode of Jericho had the same OMG!!! effect of the "President Sylar" reveal, which I did not see coming. Jericho is now officially more exciting than Heroes for me.

Also, I'll give you one other spoiler to get you excited: there is an unbelievably blatant crotch shot of Hawkins. Oh, sure, the "focus" of the shot is the phone lying on the coffee table in front of him. But his crotch is right there in front of it. It is - dare I say it? - awesome.
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