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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
26th-Apr-2008 02:58 pm
Misc - paper butterflies

That's right. The Kids In The Hall are at the Orpheum. TONIGHT. *#@&*@^#  How did I manage to miss hearing about this?

So.  I had plans to catch up on overdue writing projects and do more housework tonight.  But...THE KIDS IN THE HALL!   You thought I geeked out over Zachary Quinto?  I'd hate to see how I would behave if I got to touch Bruce McCulloch.

I managed to get a ticket on the main floor only 6 rows back from the stage.

26th-Apr-2008 10:09 pm (UTC)
YAY! You know one of the things that set me off on my downward spiral last week was seeing their touring schedule and South Florida nowhere near it. (I swear it seems we never get the good concerts or tours.) I saw them a few years ago, must have been during their last tour. I heard this tour was GREAT! Let me know.
26th-Apr-2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
I have totally spent the last 2 days thinking, I have NO PLANS for the weekend & I have groceries, so I am going to spend two whole days relaxing and finishing things that have been hanging over my head. And I was having a fairly productive day until I found out about the performance. But I have to go. The theater is 30 blocks away and tickets are available - I HAVE TO GO, because I will die if I don't. If I hadn't found out about the show till tomorrow, I would have gone into a downward spiral, too! Problem is, I've got such an adrenaline rush that I basically spent the last 3 hours just sitting here going EEEEEEE!!!!, instead of, you know, doing something useful.

I saw them on their first two tours, once in Minneapolis and once in Cleveland. Actually the Cleveland one was hilarious because there was a drunk annoying hollering girl in my section, at the very front of the balcony - she would just randomly scream "WOOOOOO!!!" every half-minute or so - and finally during a Kevin-and-Dave sketch, we broke and started screaming at her to STFU. Dave and Kevin froze on stage, and after things finally went quiet for a bit, Dave finally said, "Well...she hasn't hit bottom yet..." We gave him a standing ovation.

I'm hoping this tour is good. I have a small voice recorder and I may see if I can sneak it into my lap. That's what's frustrating about their live shows: you remember that the skits were funny, but can't remember all the lines to repeat to people afterwards.
27th-Apr-2008 02:24 am (UTC)
Most times those spur-of-the-moment things are the best! I know what you mean about the adrenaline rush. Hope you had fun.
26th-Apr-2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
SQUEEEEE! I'm so happy you found out about it in time and were able to get tickets! I had no idea they were on tour now, either.
26th-Apr-2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
I had no idea they were on tour now, either.

I have performed a public service! ;0)

I haven't even looked up the tour schedule yet to see where else they are going. I just can't believe that I didn't hear a single word about it from anyone I know.

I'm hoping I can get some pictures to post. The last time they were here, my friends & I just left after the show, but we found out afterwards that they came out a back entrance and signed autographs for people who were still around.

I have no KITH icons! This will have to be rectified!
30th-Apr-2008 08:27 am (UTC)
Hey, so how were they? I've never seen the Kids live (nor am I likely to anytime soon.)

Also, what's this about you touching Zachary Quinto? Was he wearing a towel?
1st-May-2008 07:13 am (UTC)
Aw! I've managed to see the KITH on all 3 of their "world tours" and they've always been fun. This time was particularly good because they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. I can't believe that I had no idea they were going on tour until the day that they were in town... (It is depressing, however, that even at age 44, Bruce McCulloch STILL looks better in pantyhose than I ever will.)

Real life has been interfering with my amusements lately. Not in a "horrible tragedy" way, just in a busy way. I keep meaning to write things up and make funny posts. But work has been horrifically busy - we are, like, the first medical research company in the history of EVER to surpass our enrollment goals and my helper & I cannot cope with the influx of data; tonight I stayed at work till 9:45 pm just because I was getting things accomplished with no one around to distract me. Plus I keep having other things interfere, like...I have some friends who are very bad about inviting me to do things at the last minute. And they texted me and asked me to come over. And I'd refused their last three invitations for various reasons, so I felt like I needed to go hang out with them for an evening. They're not the sort of people who would react well to being told, "Well, I'd like to catch up with you...but I'd rather stay at home and work on fanfic". (Am I a horrible person for wanting to read and write fanfic, and chat with people online, more than I want to hang out with them? I hope that is more of a commentary on them, than it is on me.)

If you'd like to check out my ZQ pics, they're in my Photobucket account here. The guest password is hello. The first few pics I took right after he autographed some things for me. The rest are from his Q&A session later that day; I was sitting about 50 feet away from him and trying to take pics with a brand-new camera, so they are of very dubious quality. (Plus, I've known meth addicts who move less than he does. THE BOY WILL NOT HOLD STILL. HOW CAN I TAKE A DECENT PICTURE OF HIM WHEN HE WON'T PARK HIS ASS IN A CHAIR FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS AT A TIME???)
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