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My journal. Yes.
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14th-May-2008 10:22 pm
Moonlight - Beth
obsessed fangirl [uhb-sest fan-gurl] noun. Someone who actually calls the CW to leave a message on their comment line begging them to pick up Moonlight now that CBS has foolishly cancelled it.

This was totally not me, by the way. It was, um, one of my friends who did this. Yeah.

(It's a sobering moment when you realize that you honestly don't care whether you ever own S2 of Heroes on DVD...but you tell multiple people that TPTB had damn well better put out DVDs for the sadly-abbreviated single season of Moonlight.  Dammit, the show was supposed to suck.  Instead, it was one of the best things about this TV season.  I blame Jason Dohring.)

(ETA: Also?  When did I become a new-school Doctor Who fan???  I totally blame Catherine Tate.  This world has become utterly and completely crazy...) 

(ETA2: This Sunday, Adult Swim is airing both the Robot Chicken Star Wars special - which I have not yet seen - and the Family Guy Star Wars special - which I've seen at least a half-dozen times and never tire of watching!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!  O, my cup runneth over.  You wanna see someone geek out?  Maybe I'll try to record my face when the Fourth Doctor appears at the moment when the Millenium Falcon jumps into hyperspace.  Seriously.  Geek-out, every time.)

 (ETA3: OK, I realize I need to stop editing this post, but I didn't want to make multiple posts for silly little things.  Neil Gaiman has even commented in his blog about the BBC going after some poor fan who made Doctor Who knitting patterns.  Apparently, someone else was selling the end product on eBay...which, of course, means that logically the best course of action is to go after the fan who had no idea they were doing this.  Gaaaaaaaaah.)

15th-May-2008 04:11 am (UTC)
I seriously, honestly figured Moonlight wouldn't last a month. And the first couple episodes sucked. But then it got better. And then it got GOOD. (I tell this story regularly as a kind of penance for having a 'tude about it at first.) Jason Dohring was definitely an attraction for me - frankly, at this point, I don't really care about Kristen Bell but I will devotedly watch whatever Jason does next - but Alex and Sophia had sweet chemistry, and the writers kept creating all these little bit characters I loved, as well as managing to actually surprise me with plot twists...

I am really, really hoping that Heroes S3 is better. After the S1 DVDs came out, I managed to hook 8 people who had never watched the show before into liking it. They wound up taking all kinds of views on it - their favorite characters ranged from Sylar to Peter to Mohinder to Isaac. Every single one of them hated the second season. A couple of them practically stopped speaking to me: "You made me think this was a good show, and now it bores the crap out of me!" I'm trying to be positive, but I have to admit, it's got maybe 4 episodes to emotionally engage me again before I will tell myself that I don't want my heart broken again. (I'm going to name-drop ZQ in another comment, but when someone asked him about the show at Starfest, he said that everyone involved with the show pretty much realizes that this is make-or-break time for them. And he used that exact phrase. And he went on to say that he had read the first script and he really liked it. So I am praying...)
15th-May-2008 04:23 am (UTC)
Oh man, same here. I wasn't impressed with the pilot episode but I stuck with it for Jason, and eventually kinda...stopped needing to tell myself WHY I was watching it and just grew to love it. I wonder if there's anything that can be done for the show in the same vein as what the Jericho fans did. (Heh, vein. unintentional!)

frankly, at this point, I don't really care about Kristen Bell but I will devotedly watch whatever Jason does next

Ummm...hi, are you me? Because I feel the exact same way! It's weird, cuz right now I'm working on another random picspam posts except this one is of my fictional heroines, and Season 1 Veronica is on there, but I'm giving like a paragraph explaining why it's ONLY Season 1 Veronica and it somehow drifted into a mini-rant about KB. Like...I loved her as Veronica...and now I kind of can't stand her as anyone else. I feel bad about this in a way...but then I remind myself that I still love Jason all the time so I get over it pretty quickly, hehe.

From what I've been hearing Season 3 seems like a good return for the show (and I kinda love the guy they've got for this one character already just cuz he seems hardcore. There's another girl though that I'm not looking forward too...) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they've fixed up their mistakes and gone back to the awesome...
Here's hoping! Optimism is the key! Though, and I've been saying this to everyone, if Season 3 isn't any good I not only will be expecting the show to be canceled, but I probably won't even be all that torn up about it...
15th-May-2008 04:40 am (UTC)
Perhaps it is a Vulcan mind-meld! :P

The girl you are not looking forward to...is she the one who will be involved with Hiro's storyline? I did click on one mainstream news article about the show (and I know those are always stupid and ask annoying useless questions) but before I even read the story, I saw the girl's face and just disliked her on sight, even though I had gone into the story feeling nothing but curiosity. This is why I am trying to avoid spoilers - I mean, if I dislike the actress on sight in a still photograph, I'm never going to be able to give her a chance when I watch the show.

About Moonlight...supposedly, there is still a small chance that the CW might pick the show up even though CBS has cancelled it. At moonlight_tv they have posted a comment line for the CW (818-977-6878) to leave comments in support of the show. Though about 30 minutes after I called, someone said that the voice mailbox is now full.

NBC killed KB for me, actually. I was a complete fangirl when she was cast in Heroes, and squeed. But then it seemed like every time I turned around, she was front and center in publicity events evne though she hadn't yet been on the show, and the booming commercials about "KRISTEN BELL JOINS THE CAST OF HEROES" before her first appearance made it feel like NBC was shamelessly pandering to fangirls. And I understand that she already knew a number of people in the cast, but...for Pete's sake, Ali Larter was one of the people who helped get the show its Emmy nominations, it's kind of insulting that KB was put front-and-center in the Heroes seating for the Emmys while Ali was nowhere in sight. Plus...honestly? Kristen's mugging for the cameras got old. I wasn't very involved with online VM fandom, so maybe she was that way all along, but I got really tired of the way she always seemed to be striking cutesy poses in front of photographers.
15th-May-2008 02:08 pm (UTC)
I have no idea why they are sticking poor Masi with two annoying actresses. I hope the one from season two doesn't come back and this new one pans out. I mean, I love Dania but her acting makes me want to throw things at my TV so maybe this chick will work out.
I get the feeling that Kristin may have pissed off someone at NBC.
15th-May-2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
Nice! Mind melds FTW!

YES she is! I don't want to spoil you for anything since I dunno if you've been reading anything about her or whatnot next season, but I already don't like her from . I'll TRY TO give her a chance, obviously, but this show has way too many blonde characters as it IS, so unless they're gonna be benching a few people I have no idea why they're restocking characters again when that was a contributer to their weak second season.

Ahhh now see, for me I was a major fan UNTIL she was cast in Heroes. I have no idea what it was, but when I heard that she was going to be in it I was left feeling...less than thrilled. I think that it had to do with the fact that I immediately felt as if the character was written and shoved into the show specifically for her (which everyone denied...and then later confirmed. Thanks a bunch KB and Tim Kring...), and then, like you said, NBC propped the hell out of her, and then she was front and center with the cast on the Emmy red carpet when she hadn't even been ON the show yet and just...yeah. Now she bugs me, and that saddens me because I used to love her.
15th-May-2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
I think that it had to do with the fact that I immediately felt as if the character was written and shoved into the show specifically for her (which everyone denied...and then later confirmed. Thanks a bunch KB and Tim Kring...)
Tim Kring is terrible at dealing with the press and keeping a consistent story. It's actually pretty embarassing. There were about five different versions of why she was cast going around coming from Tim and different actors. He's had a lot of inconsistencies about other thngs, too, and it's led me to believe that a lot of stuff he says is patently untrue (ex., that Nathan and Claire were meant to be related all along, and that that plot point wasn't cooked up because of Peter/Claire stuff). Elle did feel shoved into the show. I think all she accomplished was to take some of the blame of Sylar getting his powers back off of Mohinder's shoulders. And for that I am grateful.

And yes! What's with yet another blonde? I'm not even saying they need to desperately strive for ethnic diversity. I just think they should get another brunette like Eden or Hana. Especially since I don't think Maya or Monica are long for the show, personally.
15th-May-2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
Tim Kring is terrible at dealing with the press and keeping a consistent story. It's actually pretty embarassing.
I cannot figure that out. Is it that hard to say "no comment" and keep your mouth shut until everyone's gotten their stories straight? Doesn't he realize that the more that sort of thing happens, the more fans feel like they can't trust him, and it makes them unhappy and more likely to pounce on flaws? I just wonder about him sometimes. I can understand network executives not understanding how fandom works, but I sometimes wonder if it is just a fluke that he was able to put together a season that resonated with viewers, when he often seems to not understand how their minds work.

Especially since I don't think Maya or Monica are long for the show, personally.
I'm wondering about this. I rarely go to Heroes Wiki but the last time I was there, I thought Maya was now listed as a main character. I don't know if that's due to spoilers or just Maya fans modifying the site due to wishful thinking. I did like Monica when they weren't doing the treacly hurricane stuff because she had the same feeling that the S1 characters did: she's just an ordinary person doing her best and freaking out that something is happening that she doesn't understand. I don't like Maya, but I also feel like to be realistic, in the coming months she ought to be a complete emotional wreck over her (unintentional) role in her twin brother's death, and wanting revenge on Sylar if only to mitigate her own feelings of guilt. And...I'm just not interested in watching that, from anyone. We've already got tons of characters with guilt feelings about relatives, and tons of characters with reasons to want vengeance on Sylar - the writers need to come up with something more original. Unfortunately I'm afraid they're just going to throw the baby out with the bath water with regards to ALL the new characters (remember how allegedly, they re-wrote both Sylar and Claire's storylines at the last minute because actresses they'd cast had to pull out? WTF?!?!).

Oh, and yeah - I don't sit around doing diversity counts with shows, but it does get a bit old when the female characters are blonde, blonde and blonder. It's like the daddy issues - you start to feel like the staff are indulging their own fetishes, or something.
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