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My journal. Yes.
:: "fuzzy romance and brutal terror" : apparently, I can get behind that ::
I love the smell of fairness and balance in the morning. 
11th-Jun-2008 11:10 am
Torchwood Weight Watchers
I'm not big on Obama. I'm not against him, I just can't seem to muster up screaming enthusiasm for him. But I'm sure that there are plenty of people on my flist who would enjoy this commentary from the chicks at Disgrasian, about Fox News' hysterical reporting of Barack and Michelle Obama's "terrorist fist bump".  I always think the best way to deal with idiots is not to scream back at them, but to make them look stupid by mocking them.  And Disgrasian definitely has that down to a science.  They've even got pictures!

Click here for a sampling of other terrorists who have secretly been living in our midst...

11th-Jun-2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
*faceplam* Fox News makes me so incredibly angry and upset. I... I just can't. I thought the fist bump was adorkable! Terrorism? You've got to be kidding me.

Yesterday on the subway I was reading the NY Post (another Murdoch rag that offends my intelligence) over someone's shoulder, and there was an article about how fashionistas are against Obama because he is dorky enough to wear a helmet and high socks when he rides his bike. There was a big picture. Again with the un-comment-worthy adorkableness. If he hadn't been wearing a helmet, they would have been all over him for being reckless. HATE.

That said, I feel sort of similarly about Obama. I like him just fine, but I don't know... Bloomberg is the only poitician that has ever gotten me worked up in any way (I love him so much it hurts, and I will spare you my whole long diatribe about how unfair it is that fucking Giuliani gets all the credit for "saving" NYC and people don't seem to understand that Bloomberg has done almost as much, but quietly and without the fascism) but loving your mayor is a super local thing, and maybe kind of different. So maybe I'm just not wired to feel the overwhelming love that I know a lot of people feel for Obama.
11th-Jun-2008 05:55 pm (UTC)
I just have total election burnout. Back when the hanging chads were still being counted in November 2000, I happened upon a discussion of, "If Gore wins, who will be the Democratic nominee in 2008?" and my brain imploded. It was the most worthless time-wasting discussion ever, IMO, since the people who are front-runners likely would never have come up. That was the moment that politics jumped the shark for me: I can't take the non-stop campaigning and non-stop discussion of it. Give me Canada's electoral process. Please.

I know, too, that a few times when people have talked about Obama changing things, I've had flashbacks to 1992, when my friends and I all fervently believed Clinton was going to change things. It's so fun to get old and cynical... I just haven't gotten into any of the candidates. I didn't even bother voting in my primary because there wasn't one that I could go YES S/HE IS THE ONE!

The only politician I've ever really gotten into is Marcy Kaptur, who didn't even represent my district. But she defeated an incumbent with very little funding on her side to get her seat, and I think she really cares about her constituents. And when some GOP members tried to twist something she said to make it look like she was pro-terrorist and anti-American, she pretty much refused to back down and told them to quit smearing her rather than retracting her words out of fear, which takes a lot of guts in the current climate. I've got respect for the current Ohio governor, Ted Strickland, too. The previous governor was a Taft and pretty much just hung around, banking on his family name to keep him in office. Strickland, though, takes smoke breaks with the peons in the support staff and asks them what they think of his policies, so it sounds like he too is interested in helping people rather than servicing corporate donors.
11th-Jun-2008 05:59 pm (UTC)
fashionistas are against Obama because he is dorky enough to wear a helmet and high socks when he rides his bike

Um. Yeah. Because McCain's riding attire is OH SO SEXY in comparison, I'm sure. Probably almost as sexy as Rupert Murdoch's. Grrr.
11th-Jun-2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
[Disclaimer: I have only been awake for like 30 minutes, so I make no claims to have posted anything either coherent or interesting.]

Holy cow! Can I just say right now, that I loved that page, as, aside maybe from that puppy, everyone on there was someone who, as an individual, or as a part of an organization/program I already considered to be Pure, Unadulterated Evil. At first I was like "I knew there was a reason I hated both the Yankees and American Idol... they are terrorists cells operating right under our noses! Now everything makes so much more sense!" But then figured I better read the rest of it before I made such a hasty statement. But then, it only got worse. Oh, this does not bode well for for you, Mr. Obama!

In all seriousness though, I am just glad to see that I am not the only person I know who is not all "Obama!!!" I just can't muster the requisite enthusiasm that seems to be a hallmark of this campaign. I even had a friend call me one morning to express his anger that my other friend was planning on voting McCain. Both of these friends are serious, hardcore, Conservatives. When I asked who he was voting for, his answer was "What's my name?" This was his way of telling me that he is voting for Obama... you know, because we have to vote for own or or something. (This is another of my major Obama-related issues. I know that it happens, but it makes no sense. Though that is a rant for another time, so I will stop before I even get started.) Anyway, what I was trying to say was this is like the oddest election ever, and I am just ready for the entire thing to be over. Usually I try to keep up with things, watching debates and keeping up with the latest events, but this year I"m just like "Is it over yet?" It really does seem to be that the campaign season starts earlier and earlier every cycle. I mean, people are already talking about who will be running in 2021? Really? One never-ending campaign at a time, people... one at a time!

11th-Jun-2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
I'm not against Obama, just...not rabid about him. My gut feeling on him is neutral. That's a hell of a lot better than my gut feeling on most politicians, but still nothing to write home about.

The best thing about Hillary dropping out of the race is: no more "you HAVE to vote for Hillary! She's a woman, too!" remarks. I can kind of take that from my mother and women her age, because things still were much more restrictive for women when they were growing up than in the 80s when we were all growing up. But...man, I want to vote for the best person for the job. It would be nice if there were fewer old white guys in political positions, but I'm not going to vote for a young chick just because I'm a young chick too.

I like how you hedged your bets on whether or not the puppy is evil. You can't be too careful with puppies.
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